Guest Editorial Week of 12/21/2020

Environmental Heroes Advocacy Team

Students push for a state climate action plan

Climate change is a reality that we are only beginning to feel in our daily lives. In Ohio, we also suffer from the effects of human induced climate change such as pollution to our air and water.
Action needs to be taken immediately to interrupt the effects of climate change before time runs out. 33 states have implemented a Climate Action Plan, or CAP. A CAP is a law which protects the environment by outlining multiple cost effective steps states can take in order to lower greenhouse gas emissions. Major cities and agencies throughout Ohio have enacted CAPs. However, these individual proposals and plans are insufficient to create the change we need.
To really make an impact we need to create a cohesive state-wide plan.
We are the Environmental Heroes Advocacy team, a group of middle and high school students who conduct authentic field research and advocate for the preservation of our environment and the health of our climate. According to the Environmental Law and Policy Center’s Assessment of the Impacts of Climate Change on the Great Lakes, compared to the temperature between 1901 and 1916, the Great Lakes have warmed 1.6 degrees, and we have seen a 10 percent increase in precipitation since 1901.
Warmer climates make it easier for algal blooms to grow in Lake Erie, which block the sunlight and use up a lot of oxygen when decomposing.
In order to preserve what remains of our ecosystems for both ourselves and future generations, it is essential for the Ohio State House and Ohio Senate to begin developing legislation for a statewide Climate Action Plan which protects our environment. Benefits of a CAP include, less traffic jams, better air quality, increased access to greenspace, and saving money by using energy more efficiently, new job opportunities, etc.
Our group represents the youth constituents of Ohio. We call on the state legislature to take immediate action by creating a state-wide Climate Action Plan to preserve our state and beautiful planet, and protect future generations from greater harm.
We encourage the citizens of Ohio to do their part in stopping climate change by emailing or calling their state legislators today about the importance of creating a CAP. It will not take long to let them know you care and hold them accountable to make things better. Citizens can also sign our petition encouraging the state to pass a CAP. When we stand united, we can make this idea a reality.
To sign our petition for a CAP in Ohio, visit

The Environmental Heroes Advocacy Team: Maya Serna, Nina Serna, Luke Jenning-Sanders, Andrew Madden, Gabriela Espiritu, Lorenzo Espiritu, Ava Kennedy, Elliot Stasek, Elizabeth Ferro, Kathryn Kwiatkowski


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