Go explore! Toledo Humane Society launches Field Trip Program

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        Someone let the shelter dogs out - and they’re taking on the 419.
        The Toledo Humane Society announced its “Tails Around Toledo” program, which pairs members of the community with shelter dogs for field trips.
        Outings can last from a couple hours to all day, and can include a hike, a trip to a park, a trip to a pet-friendly store or drive-thru, or even a relaxing nap on a couch at your home.
        The program offers a way for those whose schedule, housing, or allergies do not permit them to own a pet of their own, or for avid dog lovers to get their dog fix in.
        The Tails Around Toledo program was created to help reduce kennel stress and provide dogs with enrichment and increased visibility to adopters in the community. Outings give the shelter valuable insight on what the dog’s personality is like outside a shelter environment, and can lead to better adoption matches. It’s also a great excuse to spend a day doing something new or exploring Toledo.
        Signing up is easy, and participants will be provided with all the necessary supplies for a successful field trip. Individuals interested in the Tails Around Toledo program should visit the Toledo Humane Society’s website at www.toledohumane.org/events-and-programs/tailsaroundtoledo for more info and to sign up online.
        The shelter offers field trip options to accommodate most schedules, and field trip opportunities will be offered Sunday through Friday every week.
        To date, Tails Around Toledo has been very popular with the shelter’s volunteers, and have led to more adoptions with adult pup participants.


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