Gibsonburg:Village purchasing former service station property

Larry Limpf

Village officials in Gibsonburg hope to complete the purchase of the downtown property site of a former gas station within weeks, mayor Steve Fought said.
“For two plus years we have been seeking upgrades to this property to improve the appearance of our downtown. Over the last several months the opportunity to acquire the property presented itself, so we made the decision to act while we could and purchase the property,” the mayor said. “The purchase of the old Sunoco station and this project will serve as ‘Phase 1’ of a larger downtown revitalization initiative that we are kicking off. The site that you see today will drastically change over the course of the next year.”
The property is located at 201 W. Madison and the village has entered into a purchase agreement with Hahnco for $112,000.
He said plans call for demolishing two buildings and clearing ground in the next few months for a downtown green space, increased parking and improved traffic flow.
The mayor last week presented the village’s plans to the owners of businesses in the downtown district, telling them that the village is committed to a downtown that is “inviting and welcoming to current and future businesses.”
“While we are committed to our economic development initiatives in Clearview Industrial Park, it is important to remember and support those businesses that have helped shape Gibsonburg into what it is today, and I believe this project will have a positive impact on our downtown for a very long time,” he said.
He said the administration and council have made some “very good and smart decisions over the last few years with regards to our budget and balance sheet,” putting the village in a position to take on the project.
Marc Glotzbecker, village administrator, said the planned park area will tie into what is called the Logyard, which is owned by the village and adjoins the property.
“The Logyard is a park area that includes parking, a digital message board and some flower gardens. It sits near the railroad tracks on W. Madison Street and can also be accessed from W. Yeasting Street.
We’re excited at the opportunity to create this place in the downtown area,” Glotzbecker said.


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