Fremont Speedway race season begins June 20

Brian Liskai

Fremont Speedway will open for the 2020 racing season on Saturday, June 20 with the Fort Ball Pizza Palace 410 Sprints, Fremont Federal Credit Union 305 Sprints and Burmeister Trophy Dirt Trucks in action. The 70th season of racing at "The Track That Action Built" will see gates open at 3 p.m. and racing under way at 7 p.m.
Those attending are being asked to adhere to the state's social distancing guidelines including not bringing those with underlying health issues, immunocompromised individuals and those the Center of Disease Control say are most at risk. If you have a fever or other symptoms please stay home and it is highly suggested fans and race team members wear masks.
"We will follow what other tracks have done to open up. It is still undetermined if general admission for spectators will be available or if everyone needs to utilize a pit pass to be a participant. We are excited to get the racing season under way and start getting our lives back to normal. We have missed our loyal fans and race teams," said Ryan Schiets, Fremont Speedway Board of Directors President.
Everyone planning to attend racing on June 20 at Fremont Speedway needs to fill out a COVID-19 waiver form. Race teams are also encouraged to print off the tax forms at
"Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook pages for updates as the week progresses as issues regarding the state's COVID-19 regulations seem to change daily," added Schiets.
Keep up to date with Fremont Speedway by going to or on Facebook at www.facebook/FremontSpeedway or on Twitter


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