Envirosafe expansion would increase lifespan to five years

Kelly J. Kaczala

        The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) recently held a public information session and hearing on a proposed modification of the hazardous waste permit that would allow the Envirosafe Services of Ohio Inc. (ESOI) landfill in Oregon to expand vertically.
        During the information session, Ohio EPA representatives presented information about the expansion application and the permitting process. During the hearing, which followed the information session, the public was allowed to submit comments for the record regarding the proposed action.
        “The official record will be reviewed by the director of the Ohio EPA prior to making a decision on the draft permit,” said Lisa Cochran, public information officer of the Ohio EPA.
Cell M
        Envirosafe, located at 876 Otter Creek Road, accepts hazardous waste from off-site sources and is permitted to treat, store, and dispose of the waste. Accepted waste is currently disposed of in one active landfill, Cell M. As of January 2022, Cell M has a remaining capacity of approximately 50,000 cubic yards. If the draft permit modification is approved, Cell M would be allowed to expand vertically by 36 feet. The expansion would increase the capacity of Cell M by 110,000 cubic yards. It will change the slope of the landfill on the northwest portion of the landfill, as well as increase the height of the landfill in that central plateau area.
        Based on a topographical survey in January, 2022, the height of Cell M was 114 feet. It’s currently permitted to go up to 120 feet, six feet higher than the January, 2022 survey height, according to Jessica Susser, with Ohio EPA’s Division of Environmental Response and Revitalization (DERR).
        The proposed expansion will increase the height of the central plateau area to a maximum of 156 feet, which is 46 feet higher than the current height and 36 feet higher than the current permitted height.
        The vertical expansion of Cell M would increase the slope on the northwest portion of the landfill from four feet over one foot slope to three feet over one foot slope. This will match the grade of the southern and eastern portions of the landfill.
        The expansion would increase the total volume of Cell M. The current permit capacity is 3,338,972 cubic yards. The proposed modification would increase the total capacity to 3,448,978, an increase in 110 cubic yards, or a little less than four percent.
        Envirosafe disposes about 40,000 tons of waste in Cell M each year. “That translates to about 24,000 cubic yards, on average, each year,” said Susser.
        “Assuming the same volume of waste is received, on average, the modification would increase the active lifespan of Cell M by four to five years,” she added.
        If the modification is approved, the Ohio EPA would monitor the construction of the modification. It would observe the construction as it is ongoing, and monitor leachate management after rainfall to make sure it’s properly managed. In addition, Envirosafe would be required to submit updated information on its closure costs to the Ohio EPA. The current closure costs of Cell M is $2.1 million. Envirosafe currently has approximately $3 million in its closure account. At this point, the modification is not expected to significantly increase the closure costs of Cell M.
        Envirosafe’s permit was renewed on September 30, 2016, and expires on September 30, 2026.
        The modification for expansion was submitted on July 29, 2022, and Ohio EPA is required to act on the modification by July 29, 2023.
        The draft permit modification and related information can be viewed online under the “April 2023” tab, or at Ohio EPA’s Northwest District Office, 347 North Dunbridge Road, Bowling Green (419-352-8461). The draft permit also can be viewed at the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library, Oregon Branch, 3340 Dustin Road.
        The OEPA previously approved a vertical expansion for Envirosafe in May, 2019. The agency issued a Class 3 modification of the hazardous waste permit after Envirosafe requested a vertical expansion of Cell M. At the time, Envirosafe had approximately three years of remaining capacity. The approval increased the height of Cell M by 14 feet and increased the remaining capacity by 144,670 cubic yards.


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