Endangered species nests at Maumee Bay

For the first time in 83 years, Piping Plovers, a critically endangered species, have returned to the shores of Lake Erie, nesting specifically at Maumee Bay State Park. Bird watchers from all over the world are expected to come to Maumee Bay for the upcoming hatching. Joshua Vardous, a conservationist from Cleveland, and Linda Houshower, (volunteer for the Black Swamp Bird Observatory), of Bluffton, Ohio monitor the birds. Vardous expressed concern for the possible loss of wetlands in the area. “It’s a crime to disturb any ecosystem because any development destroys their habitat. You can’t replace a forested wetland,” said Vardous. There are only about 150 of the birds in the entire Great Lakes region. The last successful nesting of the Piping Plover in Ohio was in 1942. (Press photos by Ken Grosjean)


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