Elmore food distribution March 27

Staff writer

With the closure of the State Rt. 51 bridge and stay at home order by Gov. DeWine, the Village of Elmore and the Elmore Food Pantry will be moving the food distribution center to the Elmore Community Center, 410 Clinton St.
The hours will be 9 a.m. to noon on March 27.
Food orders will be taken by volunteers from the fire and police departments and the items brought to residents cars. There will be no need for people to leave their vehicles. This will help to keep the volunteers and community in line with the Ohio Department of Health’s social distancing guidelines.
Residents of the village and Harris Township who don’t drive and need food assistance should contact mayor Rick Claar at 419 377-0700.
They mayor said food donations may be dropped off at the police department lobby, 344 Rice St., which is staffed 24 hours.


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