Elder Abuse Awareness Day ceremony planned in Ottawa Co.

Press Staff Writer

        Every year an estimated 5 million or one in 10 older Americans experience elder abuse, neglect, or exploitation.
        The Ottawa County Task Force on Aging strives to raise awareness and build the social supports that can prevent this abuse and keep everyone safe as we age. 
        The task force, along with the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners, Ottawa County Service Agencies and community members ask the public to join in a local ceremony in recognition of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. The ceremony will be held Friday June 14, at  noon on the lawn of the Ottawa County Courthouse, 315 Madison Street, Port Clinton.
        This year’s theme, “Lifting Up Voices 2019,” focuses on protecting older individuals by raising awareness about elder abuse, why it occurs, and what everyone can do to stop it.
        To report Elder Abuse, call the 24-hour Ohio Reporting Line at 1-855-644-6277.  To reach Ottawa County Adult Protective Services, call 419-707-8639. 
        Remember, there’s no excuse for elder abuse.


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