Eastwood schools: Renewal income tax levy on May 4 ballot

Larry Limpf

Voters in the Eastwood School District will decide a 1 percent income tax renewal issue on the May 4 ballot.
In his community message, Brent Welker, district superintendent, is reminding residents the tax is a renewal and not a new tax and is the district’s sole levy for operating expenses.
“It’s important for residents to remember this is our only operating levy,” he said last week.
The income tax represents about 13 percent of the district’s revenue and last year collected $2.3 million, according to the administration. It is levied on earned income.
Voters first approved the income tax in 2006 and have renewed it every five years since.
The school board and administration had tried unsuccessfully to pass an income tax before then to lessen the district’s reliance on property tax revenue.
With the passage of the income tax, school officials were able to follow through on a plan to let an existing property tax levy lapse, resulting in a net savings for property owners of about $878,000 annually. The board and administration argued that moving the district’s local revenue stream away from property taxes and more to an income tax would benefit seniors and others on fixed incomes because pensions, Social Security and investment income are exempt from the school income tax.
At the time, Eastwood, like other districts, was realizing a drop in tangible property taxes, which are levied on business inventories and related items due to changes in state tax law.

Polling locations changed
The Wood County Board of Elections has announced four changes in voting places in the Eastwood district for the May election: Those who vote in the junior fair building will vote at the Pemberville American Legion Post 183; voters who used the Haskins Village Hall and the Middleton Township building will use the Troy Township maintenance building, and those who used Rossford Elementary School will also use the Troy Township maintenance building.


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