Dussel champion, Lindsey’s Rando dominates 305

Brian Liskai

It was déjà vu for D.J. Foos at Fremont Speedway Saturday, Oct. 3. 

On championship night in 2019, the Fremont driver won the feature but fell two points short of claiming the track championship. 

Fast forward to championship night in 2020. Foos and Bradner’s Nate Dussel came into the night tied atop the track’s 410 sprint point standings.  Foos took the lead from Dussel with five laps to go and drove to his second feature win of the season on Fremont Federal Credit Union Night. But Dussel’s qualifying effort and heat race finish coupled with his second place feature finish made him the 2020 Fremont Speedway track champion….by one point. It was Foos’ 17th career win at the track.

“Last year it was two points so I guess we’re getting closer. Getting points for qualifying and heat races makes this whole deal so tough. Hats off to the Dussel family. They are a good family doing stuff together and we can all look at them and know we can come together as a family and win races and championships. They are very deserving. Nate and I started racing 305s together in 2008…not saying we are rivals but we’ve chased each other up through here. It’s pretty cool for the both of us to be up here. I’m happy for my Burmeister team,” said Foos. 

“I had my hands full for a little bit there. I wouldn’t have caught Nate if it wasn’t for traffic. It was every man for himself tonight. I’m very grateful to be able to drive this car. Hopefully I get to win one of these championships one of these days. I grew up coming here every weekend and I just want to win a Fremont championship,” added Foos beside his No. 16.

Dussel said, “For the most part the lapped cars wanted to make that exciting. Man the top was so dominant when they entered the middle and slide to the cushion it was just like sitting and waiting. Congrats to DJ, he put it on us and no one gave him anything. This is a dream come true. My first championship (in 305s) came kind of the same way. 

“I have a ton of respect for D.J. and I knew when he got in that 16 it was going to be real tough because they will be consistent. To beat them shows how great of a season we put together. I feel like we were one of the fastest cars every single night here regardless of the track conditions. Hopefully both of us can kick some ass at the Jim Ford Classic next weekend.”

Lindsey’s Steve Rando dominated the Fremont Federal Credit Union 305 A-main, lapping up to the fifth place car on route to his first win of the season and 12th of his career at the track.

“That’s crazy. I knew I was passing cars and it felt like they were sitting still. I was struggling a little at the end. We started the night in the heat race and it was going pretty good and the last lap entered turn one and blew the radiator out into the motor and cracked the pulleys and everything in the front. Luckily we got it fixed and found out we were starting second and here we are. I want to thank my mom and dad, my girlfriend Olive, Scott that helps me…if it weren’t for him I wouldn’t be able to do this…he’s here every race with me, my Uncle Leroy, Chris, Melissa and all my sponsors,” said Rando beside his No. 19R.

All Fremont’s Paul Weaver had to do was start the A-main Saturday to claim the 2020 Fremont Speedway track title for the 305 sprints. Weaver drove from his seventh starting spot to finish second in the A-main, claiming his third track title. Weaver also won the Attica Raceway Park track title and the NAPA of Bryan Attica Fremont Championship Series Presented by Jason Dietsch Trailer Sales championship in 2020.

“When you get older you appreciate track championships more. You don’t know when the last one will be. It’s been a long time since the last championship,” said Weaver who was the track’s 2005 and 2006 champion.

Toledo’s Cory McCaughey took the lead with 10 laps to go and drove to his fifth feature win of the season and of his career at Fremont Speedway in the Burmeister Trophy Dirt Trucks. Fostoria’s Shawn Valenti drove from 11th to a second place finish to wrap up his third track title in the division.

“To be on the same win list with everyone that ever raced here is unbelievable. It’s all these people beside me here that makes this happen,” said McCaughey beside his No. 911.

For Valenti it’s his second straight track title in the dirt trucks and the third in the past seven years.

“That was a little to close but hats off to Cory and that team. They’ve had a great year and are great competitors and will be a team to deal with for years to come. I want to thank the Babcocks for putting me in this thing and everyone who helps out,” said Valenti.



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