Dog license scam reported

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Lake Township Police Chief Mark Hummer is alerting the public to a scam in Ohio aimed at dog owners.
The scammers are attempting to convince the owners they may access a statewide website to buy or renew dog licenses.
“Dog licenses are sold and issued through each county’s auditor’s office,” chief Hummer pointed out. “There is no state agency through which anyone can acquire or renew dog licenses.”
In Wood County, the auditor’s office has authorized the Wood County Dog Shelter to sell dog licenses. The dog shelter operates satellite locations during the month of January in various parts of the county.
“We have talked with the auditor’s office, and they have informed us their licenses are available only through their office and through the county dog shelter’s office. Any other avenue or agency that claims to sell dog licenses for Wood County is a scam,” chief Hummer said.
Dog licenses may be obtained through the Wood County auditor’s website,, and clicking on the dog licensee tab. They may also be obtained in person at the auditor’s office, 1 Courthouse Square, Bowling Green.
Dog licenses are $14 for a one-year registration, $42 for a three-year registration, and $140 for a permanent registration. Licenses obtained online from the Auditor’s Office carry a nominal fee for that service, and licenses obtained via that website are mailed to the dog owner’s residence.
The deadline for obtaining a new or renewed dog license without paying a penalty is Jan. 31.
“Licensing your dog is the law, but having the license is also important to a dog’s owner if the dog becomes missing. The license tag that is supposed to be affixed to the collar can allow authorities to find the dog’s owner, and this can lead to the return of the animal to its rightful owner.”
Questions regarding dog licensing in Wood County can be directed to the auditor’s office, 419-354-9150.


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