District proceeds with extension of main lines

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The board of trustees of the Northwestern Water and Sewer District has approved resolutions to proceed with a water main extension that will service a new First Solar facility.
The board awarded a contract to Wonderly Trucking & Excavating, which submitted a bid of $459,880 for the extension from Oregon Road to Tracy Road in Perrysburg Township.
Theresa Pollick, a spokesperson for the NWSD, said the extension project will also benefit the area by eliminating two dead-end waterlines on Oregon and Tracy roads and create a loop that will enable water to reach locations from different directions. That helps minimize the impact to customers when repairs are necessary.
Loop systems also improve the circulation of water and reduce stagnation, she said.
In a related resolution, the board approved applying for a loan from the Ohio Water Development Authority to finance the Oregon-Tracy extension. A loan of $500,000, payable over 20 years at a 3.88 percent interest rate, is authorized by the resolution.
Approximately 2,585 feet of 16-inch waterline and 35 feet of 12-inch waterline will be installed along with new hydrants and valves.
The board also approved applying for a permit from the Ohio Turnpike Commission to bore under the turnpike for a planned waterline along Lime City Road.
The district plans to install a 300-foot, 12-inch waterline along the road below the I-80 overpass.
Pollick said the project is in the design phase and will create a loop from State Rt. 795 to Deimling Road.


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