District buys undeveloped Catawba land parcel

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The Park District of Ottawa County recently completed the acquisition of a 7.6-acre parcel of land on Catawba Island Township, to be named “Islander Woods and Trailhead.”
The property is an undeveloped wooded tract with a scenic pond, and has been owned by the same family for more than 50 years. The pond will be named, “Bob’s Pond,” in memory of the late Bob Johnson who loved the pond, woods, apple trees and Catawba Island.
The park district granted the family naming rights to the pond for the contributions they made to the acquisition project.
“We are grateful to the Clean Ohio Fund for providing a portion of the funding needed to purchase this woodland property. We look forward to building a park area that will meet the recreational needs of the community while also providing much needed coastal habitat for migratory bird species, monarch butterflies, and a wide diversity of other native plants and animals,” Jannah Wilson, executive director of the park district, said.
The property is currently closed to public access. A master plan will be completed for the park district. When it is completed, the Islander Woods and Trailhead property will undergo the first phase of improvements, including habitat restoration, trails, signage and the installation of a small parking area, Wilson said.


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