The delivery of new medic unit in Oregon delayed until 2024

Kelly J. Kaczala

        Oregon City Council on Monday approved a purchase order to buy a 2024 Braun Chief XL Medic Unit from Penn Care, Niles, Ohio, in the amount of $288,199 to be used in the Oregon Fire Division.
        But the city doesn’t plan on getting the vehicle any time soon.
        Oregon Fire and Rescue has planned for some time to replace its 2007 Braun Medic Unit for 2024. The original objective was to discuss it during the 2023 budget process at the end of this year, with a plan to place the order in 2023, according to Fire Chief Denny Hartman. With delays in expectation of delivery of fire vehicles, there is a need to place an order now to expect delivery in 2024. The city is moving ahead with an ordinance to meet that need. The city will not be spending the money now, but the ordinance will encumber the dollars needed to meet the purchase in 2024.
        “We’re living in different times,” said Hartman. “We did not necessarily plan to buy a medic unit, which is basically an ambulance. Obviously, our medic units are the most used vehicles in our fleets. We have had over 4,000 calls this year. For ninety-percent of those, our medic vehicle goes, too. So that’s the thing that needs to be replaced the most. So we try to stay on that schedule. Our plan was to get one next year, but the current delivery date is between 18-24 months. So by doing this at this point in time, we will not even assure that we can get one next year, but in 2024, which puts us behind schedule. But it’s the situation we’re currently in. There is difficulty in getting a chassis. Also they have chip and labor problems. That’s why nobody can do it faster.”
        “Assuming this does arrive in 2024, what capacity does this leave our fleet?” asked Councilman Steve Hornyak. “Are we in jeopardy by extending it another year? What’s the plan to make sure what we have still goes well?”
        Hartman said it puts the city a year behind.
        “But with the way we operate now, we’re basically running the wheels off two units, and the others aren’t being used a whole bunch. Our plan is to hopscotch those units. One that’s older may be moved up because it has less mileage, that kind of thing. It’s unfortunate that there are a lot of places in deep trouble because they depend on it every year.”
        Also at the meeting, council:
        •Accepted the retirement of Chief Hartman, who was appointed by city council on April 25, 2019, following the retirement of former chief Paul Mullen. His retirement is effective Dec. 2. “We sure hate to see you go, but we certainly desire to fulfill your wishes to retire,” said Mayor Mike Seferian. “Someday, we will all be doing that.” Councilwoman Kathleen Pollauf thanked Hartman for his service to the city:  “You came in during a time we needed direction and you took the helm. I appreciate that. You have a lot of great guys working under you. I know you are going to be here until December, which is great but after that, we’re really going to miss you. Thank you for everything.”
        •Accepted the retirement of City Administrator Michael Beazley, who announced earlier this year that he would retire in October.  His retirement becomes effective on Oct. 7. “I started to talk to Mike Beazley to be administrator of Oregon in December, 2009,” said Seferian. “He didn’t actually start until May 5, 2010. He’s brought a lot to the city. I certainly enjoy seeing him retire, but he’s been very special to me. I hope he’s been to all of you, too. I really will miss him not being here.”
        •Authorized a purchase order to Reason Sign Company, Toledo, for the purchase and installation of a Daktronics GS6 40 Z 125 electronic messaging center monument sign and custom illuminated sign cabinet for the new central fire station for $27,873. “Three quotes were received,” said Public Service Director Paul Roman. “Reason Sign was determined to be the lowest and best quote. They’re also the vendor for the monument sign we have out front.” 
        •Authorized an agreement with Buehrer Group Architecture & Engineering, Inc., Maumee, to provide professional engineering services for the design of new recreational buildings – Phase 1, within the William P. Coontz baseball complex for $46,800;
        •Authorized the purchase to New Era, Maumee, for computers, software & related equipment for $62,487.16 that will be used in the Oregon Municipal Court.
        •Authorized an agreement with the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC), Toledo, to provide criminal justice information service through the Northwest Ohio Regional Information Systems (NORIS) and records management support, for the police division from Jan. 2, 2023 through Dec. 31, 2023.
        •Did not seek a hearing for a new liquor permit for Freight House Coffee Company, 16 S. Stadium Rd., Oregon.


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