Dare to live without limits Week of 5/25/20

Bryan Golden

Setting off on a fresh start requires effort

Do you feel as if you are in a rut? Are you carrying around a lot of emotional baggage? If you are angry, resentful, or bitter then you are bogging yourself down with misery. These emotions are toxic, both mentally and physically. Letting go of them gives you a fresh start.
A fresh start lets you reset all or parts of your life. It provides the opportunity to begin again without the hampering burdens inhibiting your happiness and progress. A change in mindset is essential. Without it, you take your problems wherever you go. Until there is a shift in your attitude, a fresh start will be an elusive objective.
Begin by making a commitment to do whatever is required to make a fresh start. Eliminate any excuses as to why you can’t, or won’t be successful. If you think you can, you will. If you think you can’t, you won’t.
Next, you have to change your habits. Worry is one of the first habits to let go of. You won’t get a fresh start if you worry about the past, or the future. Learn from your past experiences while taking action to prepare for the future.
Jettison the habit of worrying about what others say or think about what you are doing. Unless you do so, you are subconsciously conforming your behavior to the expectations of others. In this mode you are destined to be frustrated, since you are accommodating others before looking out for your interests.
Getting a fresh start requires leaving your comfort zone. Where you are right now has become very familiar. Even if you are miserable, you are used to feeling that way. The familiar appears less intimidating than the unknown. But you must leave what you are used to in order to change your circumstances.
Fear of the unknown contributes to the reluctance to leave your comfort zone. The reason for seeking a fresh start is dissatisfaction with the way things are. No changes are possible without altering your circumstances. Therefore, venturing into the unknown is essential.
Seeking a fresh start is the perfect opportunity to do something you have been putting off. Don’t be afraid of trying something new. Instead of being afraid, look forward to the opportunity to experience a welcome change. Nothing new will be accomplished by remaining where you are.
Change your perspective. Instead of complaining about what is wrong with your life, focus on making the necessary changes to create your desired circumstances. Concentrate on all that is possible. Formulate reasons you can and will succeed.
Have fun. Engage in activities you really enjoy. The things you do on vacation and during your time off indicate new possible directions. Each activity you pay to participate in is providing a living to someone. If they can earn income doing what you love to do, you can also.
Preparation facilitates getting a fresh start. Acquire new skills and knowledge. Explore new opportunities on a part time basis. Gain experience and insight by volunteering. Take courses online or in person. There are lots of great tutorials online, many of which are low cost or free.
You don’t need to upend your life by jumping haphazardly onto a new path. Explore a new direction on your days off or during your next vacation. Determine if your goals are a passing fad or something you are driven to pursue.
Dream big. Connect with other people who have successfully made a fresh start. They have done it and so can you. Don’t run the risk of later regretting you didn’t go for a fresh start.

NOW AVAILABLE: "Dare to Live Without Limits," the book. Visit www.BryanGolden.com or your bookstore. Bryan is a management consultant, motivational speaker, author, and adjunct professor. E-mail Bryan at bryan@columnist.com or write him c/o this paper.  2020 Bryan Golden


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