Dare to Live Without Limits Week of 1/ 18/2021

Bryan Golden

Don’t be your own worst enemy when pursuing goals

Are there desirable goals you think you can’t achieve? Do you have dreams you feel are unreachable? Are there things you would like to achieve that you consider unrealistic? Why do you think you can’t do it?
Do you engage in self-defeating strategies? Do you eliminate potential goals as unrealistic? Have you given up in failure? Have you listened to someone who told you that you won't succeed?
Lots of people are their own worst enemies when it comes to pursuing their goals. They do more to discourage themselves than other people could do. Ironically, more energy is spent justifying why they can’t do something than it would take to pursue their desired objectives.
When you think you can’t do it, your mind believes you and it will prevent accomplishments. In order to successfully follow your desired path, transform a “can’t do it” outlook into a “will do it” mindset. Stop making excuses for failure. Start formulating reasons to succeed.
Selective perception limits you by focusing only on potential pitfalls, while ignoring the benefits of success. Counter selective perception by expanding your focus to include all of the reasons why you can, and will be successful.
Jumping to negative conclusions is self-defeating. This is usually done by making broad generalizations as to why it’s not possible to achieve your objectives. Listening to naysayers who criticize your ambition feeds negative conclusions. Stick to the facts by consulting with those who have successfully attained the goals you are striving for.
Fear of failure is a powerful negative force which inhibits your progress. Although not starting appears to be a way to avoid failure, it also avoids success. Fear of failure is intensified by making excuses for why success isn’t possible.
Procrastination accompanies fear of failure. When you procrastinate, you haven’t decided not to get started, you just keep putting it off. The result is the same; nothing happens without positive action.
Break through your fear of failure by taking one step forward at a time. Success is a progression, not magic. One good reason to succeed outweighs numerous excuses for failure. A burning desire to succeed displaces fear of failure.
The people closest to you may be the most critical of your dreams. They may feel that you should not be on your chosen path. Adjusting your goals to please others leaves you frustrated because you won’t achieve your objectives. Following your own goals is not selfish or disrespectful.
Don’t use past mistakes as an excuse for not moving forward. Mistakes are a normal component of growth. A baby doesn’t give up learning to walk because he keeps falling. Learn from each mistake so that it is not repeated. Get right back up each time you fall down.
Leave your comfort zone. Growth requires new endeavors. Becoming mired in what’s known and predictable provides a false sense of security which accomplishes nothing. Mitigate your risks through planning and preparation. Think before you act. Learn from those who have successfully gone before you.
Hopelessness and despair inhibit you. Counteract these destructive emotions with a positive determination to move forward. Regardless of your current circumstances, there is always a constructive way out.
Never feel guilty about pursuing and achieving success. You deserve a happy and rewarding life. Following your goals does not diminish anyone else. Your suffering does not help anybody. However, your success does put you in a position to be of assistance to others.
Whenever you believe you can’t do something, realign your thinking by looking at all the benefits you will experience through success. Life takes effort, regardless of what you do. You may as well direct your efforts to reaching your objectives.

NOW AVAILABLE: "Dare to Live Without Limits," the book. Visit www.BryanGolden.com or your bookstore. Bryan is a management consultant, motivational speaker, author, and adjunct professor. E-mail Bryan at bryan@columnist.com or write him c/o this paper.  2020 Bryan Golden


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