Dare To Live Without Limits

Bryan Golden

Victor or victim; the choice is yours

Do you conquer problems or do they conquer you? It’s attitude that determines whether you are a victor or a victim. Your age, education, financial status, or social standing don’t matter. There are victors and victims from every background. Victors are not special. They are not better than others. Victors know “they can” whereas victims are convinced “they can’t.”
Whether you are a victor or victim is up to you. However, victims argue this is not the case. They claim they have no control over their circumstances. They believe some people are luckier than others or have more fortunate situations. A victim will point out that there’s nothing they can do to improve their situation.
Victors don’t make excuses. They don’t complain. Victors look at whatever problems are before them and then seek solutions. They work with what they have and start from where they are. Victors understand they have the ability to take control of their destiny.
You can choose to be a victor even if you are used to being a victim. Start with your self-perception. Visualize yourself as a victor, overcoming any obstacles you encounter. Don’t worry about not having an immediate solution. With a victor’s mindset, you will discover the answers you need.
As a victor, you are not susceptible to naysayers who provide you with a litany of reasons why you won’t succeed. As a victor, you are immune to ridicule. You don’t have a need to convince anyone of your chances for success. Instead, you simply stay focused on achieving your goal.
Victors know every problem has a solution and they are determined to find it. They look at problems from every angle. They break problems down to simplify them. They consider all possible solutions.
You are a victor when you automatically think, “I can,” rather than, “I can’t.” You purge your self-talk of negatives. You never discourage yourself with a constant barrage of pessimistic thoughts.
As a victor, you understand that anything is possible. Within you lies the power to achieve your dreams. You have more potential than you realize. Any limits you feel are self-imposed.
For you, failure is not an option. You know that failure only occurs when you give up. Setbacks are normal, providing an opportunity to grow. You learn from your mistakes rather than becoming discouraged.
Victors are always honest, ethical, and moral. They don’t take advantage of or cause harm to anyone. Victors harness the power of attraction. They treat others with kindness, respect, and consideration.
A victor’s success is not at the expense of someone else. Being a victor is not selfish nor does it cause other people to suffer. There’s no reason to be jealous of a victor. Anyone and everyone can achieve that status.
As you know, time goes by too fast. Being a victor enables you to get the most out of life. Too many people fail to live their dreams because they think and act like victims. The only thing stopping you is yourself.
If you don’t feel like a victor, objectively assess your thoughts and actions. Identify those areas which need adjustment. When things have consistently not been going your way, look in the mirror to determine the role you are playing. The past is over. What’s important is the course you will take from today forward.
Life is about making choices. It’s up to you to decide whether you will be a victor or a victim. The path you follow is up to you. No one else can or should pick it for you. Be determined to think and act like a victor from this moment on.
Bryan is the author of "Dare to Live Without Limits." Contact Bryan at Bryan@columnist.com or visit www.DareToLiveWithoutLimits.com Copyright 2023 Bryan Golden


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