Dare to Live Without Limits 3/15/2021

Bryan Golden

Yesterday is over. Tomorrow is in the future. Today is the day that matters. You want to maximize your accomplishments, while maintaining a positive attitude. Being happy each day makes everything more enjoyable.
Today, stop worrying. Worry is draining. Worrying has no benefits. Any time and energy spent worrying is wasted. Worrying about the past is really pointless, since the past can’t be changed. Worrying about the future is useless, because nothing is accomplished.
Today, let go of the past. Stressing over what you could have done, should have done, or would have done differently accomplishes nothing. Use your past experiences to make better decisions today. Don’t repeat the same mistakes.
Today, replace worry with action. Take action to correct past mistakes. Take action to prepare for the future. Action is required to gets things done. Take action today to move you closer to your goals. Take action today to solve problems.
Today, stop procrastinating. Procrastination blocks action. Today, spend just 15 minutes doing whatever you have been putting off. Getting started breaks the log jam of procrastination. The momentum created by getting started keeps you moving.
Today, look for solutions to whatever problems you may be facing. Don’t complain because complaining keeps you mired in problems. Don’t make any excuses for why you can’t solve your problems. Don’t blame other people or circumstances for your problems.
Make a workable plan for today. List only the three most important things you need to accomplish. Rank them in order of priority. Now get to work on the item number 1. Once it’s completed, rework your list in case another priority 1 item has surfaced. Using this approach keeps you focused on the most important tasks for today.
Today is the day to appreciate every positive aspect of your life. No detail is too small to be thankful for. Look at all you have, not what you feel is missing. Creating an attitude of abundance keeps your mind focused on the positive.
Today, think about only what you want to attract into your life. Don’t think about anything you want to avoid. Your thoughts should always be positive because your thoughts program your brain.
Today, schedule some time to unplug. Put down your cell phone, step away from the computer, and turn off the TV. Spend this time connecting with family and friends. Think about what’s working well in your life. You want to do more of this. Determine what’s not working out as planned. You want to make improvements in these areas.
Today, take care of your physical health. Get some exercise. Simply taking a brisk walk for 20 minutes has a tremendous positive impact. Eat foods which help you feel healthy. If you think your weight is too high, adjust your diet and eating habits.
Today, rid your mind of destructive mental baggage. Harboring anger, resentment, and bitterness harms you mentally and physically. Let go of these toxic emotions. Fill your mind with positive thoughts, emotions, and aspirations.
Today, work to build your desired future. Dreaming, wishing, and hoping alone accomplish nothing. Action is the foundation of accomplishment. Work smart first, and then work hard at it. You want to be productive, not just busy.
Today, choose happiness. You have control over your emotions because you select your thoughts. Thinking happy thoughts makes you happy. Smiling makes you happy. Maintaining an attitude of gratitude makes you happy. Engaging in positive self-talk makes you happy.
Today is the day where you focus your attention. Yesterday is over and tomorrow isn’t here. Today deserves all of your concentration. The actions you take today determine where you are tomorrow.

NOW AVAILABLE: "Dare to Live Without Limits," the book. Visit www.BryanGolden.com or your bookstore. Bryan is a management consultant, motivational speaker, author, and adjunct professor. E-mail Bryan at bryan@columnist.com or write him c/o this paper.  2021 Bryan Golden


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