Dare to Live Without Limits

Bryan Golden

Starting over means you have to focus on the future, not the past

There are a variety of reasons you would want to start over. You could hate your job. Your circumstances may change unexpectedly. Perhaps you no longer enjoy the field you are working in. Your goals have changed over time. Regardless of the reason, if you should find yourself having to start over, you can be successful.
When you need to start over, don’t lament the past because it’s over and can’t be changed. Any energy spent wallowing over previous decisions is lost. Since time only moves forward, don’t waste one second looking behind you.
When you are starting over, first decide what you want to do. Don’t leave your future to chance. Starting over is a lot of work, so you want to pick a direction which is highly appealing. Pursuing something for which you have a burning desire creates enormous positive energy.
Starting over is an amazing opportunity to alter some, or all aspects of your life. Free your imagination to create whatever future you desire. There are no limits to your dreams. You are searching for highly desirable, motivational goals.
Starting over is facilitated by using all of your assets. Consider what makes you really happy. Identify what you are really good at so you fully utilize your existing knowledge and skills. Recognize what you are passionate about.
Identify your specific objectives in precise detail. The more defined, the better. You attract whatever you focus on. A laser like focus on your ultimate objective is highly effective. Your thoughts program your mind, which in turn generates action.
Clear your mind of any negative, self-limiting thoughts. These thoughts sabotage your progress, making it difficult to start over. Purge all concepts of failure. If you think you can’t do something, you are right. Conversely, if you believe something is possible, you are also right.
Replace ineffective habits with productive ones. Starting over is a great time to replace, repair, and enhance your behavior. Replace any behavior which isn’t working, or is responsible for negative results. Repair behavior which is partially effective. Enhance behavior which is already working as needed.
Replace constraining beliefs you have accumulated over time with growth concepts. These are the reasons why you’ll be successful, along with all of the benefits which will accrue. Starting over demands a can-do, will-do attitude.
You are in charge of your future. You are responsible for the path you take. Blaming other people or circumstances for your situation wastes time. Starting over requires a commitment to take charge of your future.
Your actions are the foundation of starting over. Nothing happens until you take action. Procrastination is your enemy. The best intentions are useless until the first step is taken. Starting over necessitates taking as many steps as required to reach your objective. You must get started as soon as possible.
Starting over involves leaving your comfort zone. You will be striving for new objectives. You’ll be travelling down new, unknown paths. The challenges encountered will be different than those you are accustomed to.
Say NO to fear because it prevents progress. Starting over is eminently doable. Countless others have already done it successfully. Study what they have done, along with their strategies. You can learn from their accomplishments.
As you progress, look for new opportunities which will open up. Keeping an open mind enables you to take advantage of them. Being flexible and adaptable is an asset. You’ll see potential which you didn’t previously appreciate.
If you find yourself having to, or wanting to start over, you can do so successfully. Make a commitment to see it through. Program your mind to never, ever give up. One step at a time, you will reach your objective.

NOW AVAILABLE: "Dare to Live Without Limits," the book. Visit www.BryanGolden.com or your bookstore. Bryan is a management consultant, motivational speaker, author, and adjunct professor. E-mail Bryan at bryan@columnist.com or write him c/o this paper.  2021 Bryan Golden


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