Curb-side recycling in Oregon

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Residents of the City of Oregon interested in a subscription curb-side recycling service are asked to visit for information.
Sandy Bihn, a member of city council, said 350 households are needed to register for the program to be implemented in Oregon.
The bi-weekly service would cost $10 per month plus $10 for a one-year supply of bags and a $10 registration fee with Recyclops.
Bihn said it would take two to four weeks for service to start after the households are registered.
She said a curbside service wouldn’t replace a drop-off service being offered at The Starr Avenue side of Pearson Metropark, the municipal complex, 5330 Seaman Road, Fire Station No. 3, 4421 Bayshore Road, and the Eastern Community YMCA, 2960 Pickle Road between Coy and Wheeling.


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