Construction of townhouses to begin in the Enclave

Kelly J. Kaczala

        Construction of townhouses within the Enclave, off Woodville Road in Northwood, will begin in a couple of weeks, according to Northwood City Administrator Bob Anderson.
        “The developer has all the plans put together and submitted them to the county building department, so I think in a couple of weeks, they’re going to start building the townhouses,” said Anderson.
        Northwood broke ground on the project, called The Bridges of Northwood, in early June. The 114-unit townhouse development will encompass 23.3-acres within the Enclave, a 120-acre multi-use development located at the former Woodville Mall property. The mall closed its doors in 2012 and the buildings were eventually razed.
        Each townhouse unit will contain six residences, from single story to two stories, with two to four bedrooms, and range between 1,400 square feet to 2,000 square feet, said Anderson.
        Plans also call for a 1.5-acre pond and a 1.5-mile walking trail, said Anderson.
Price range
        The cost will range from $250,000 to $325,000, according to Anderson. “They’re trying to keep the prices in that range, despite an increase in construction costs.”
        “It’s moving along. We had hoped to have some houses up by now, but we ran into some design problems. Those are all fixed now and everything is ready to go,” said Anderson.
        Plans call for up to 12 townhouses to be built in Phase one, he added.
        “They’ll try to keep the prices down for those units.”
        Northwood has completed Phase One of the land development and is currently developing plans to construct a 26,000 square foot community recreational center located at the front of the project.
        Construction of the $6.3 million community recreational center was delayed due to COVID-19 and disruptions in the supply chain, he said.  The city received a $1 million federal grant towards the project.
        “They gave us until June, 2024 to complete it. We originally had until the end of this year, but they extended it for everyone, who had grants, due to COVID-19,” said Anderson.
        “We are now working with city council to approve a final budget for the community recreational center. We’re going over plans and will be working on a budget when city council meets on August 25,” he said. “We have to come up with $5 million to fund the center. Council has to decide how we’re going to do that.”
        Among the clients in the center will be the Wood County Health Department’s Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program, which is currently operating in the municipal complex, said Anderson.
        “They need a little bit more space and a little more privacy than they have right now,” he said.
Main Street
        The Enclave’s Main Street, which runs East and West in the Enclave development, is completed.
        “We’re now working on a North-South road,” said Anderson. “It will head north from Main Street. We will put in a road from Dolling Drive Road to Park Avenue.”
        Plans call for office space and a restaurant along Main Street, he said.
        “We envision having office space on Main Street, such as a dental office, doctor’s offices, clinics, attorney offices, and hopefully, a restaurant,” he said. “We’re still looking for senior housing and small businesses.”


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