Committee doesn’t favor clothing recycling program

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A committee of Walbridge Village Council is recommending the village not participate in a clothing recycling program.
The building and lands committee discussed the matter March 10 before deciding to not recommend the program to council.
A representative of MJ Howick, Inc. met last month with mayor Ed Kolanko to discuss possibly placing a recycling bin on village property. The mayor said he then forwarded the information to the committee.
Minutes of the committee meeting state that chairman LaDenna Williams and members Joe Weissenberger and Karen Baron weighed the advantages and disadvantages of the program and concluded it would provide additional funds for the village and more recycling options for residents. Disadvantages would include unsightly overflow at the bins, a low per-pound payment to the village and more work for the village maintenance department to contain any overflow and unwanted items dropped off.
“At this time it is not recommended to join this program,” the meeting minutes say.
The mayor said he would support any decision by council regarding the program.
“Even though we’re not looking like we’re going to support it within the village, we can definitely encourage residents who would like to make donations to take them to a recycling bin at Lake schools,” the mayor said. “It’s a good concept and great business idea but I think council has some valid points in that there are other issues.”
In other business, council on Wednesday approved the recommendation of mayor Kolanko to promote two officers in the police department; Paul Drake, from auxiliary to part-time status, and Jonathon Schmidlin to sergeant.


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