BP refinery marks 100th year

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The BP-Husky Toledo refinery observed its 100-year anniversary last week.
Susan Dio, BP America chairman and president, and Doug Sparkman, chief operating officer, BP Fuels, North America hosted the event attended by U.S Rep. Marcy Kaptur, State Rep. Mike Sheehy, Oregon Mayor Michael Seferian and numerous community leaders.
“This refinery has been an economic mainstay of this region for generations, safely producing fuels that drivers need and supporting thousands of good-paying jobs that people want,” said Sparkman. “Through sustained investment and technology upgrades over the years, the facility has remained modern and competitive, and today is well-positioned to have a future as strong as its past.”
The refinery was commissioned in 1919 by the Standard Oil Company of Ohio, one of BP’s predecessor companies. It was initially designed to process 30,000 barrels of crude oil per day. Over time it has expanded to 160,000 barrels per day of processing capacity.
In 2008, BP and Husky formed a joint venture to integrate Husky’s Canadian oil production with BP’s U.S. processing. Since then, the companies have invested approximately $1.9 billion to modernize and upgrade the refinery and reduce emissions.
“The strong community support we have received over the years speaks to the quality of the refinery’s operations and its people,” said Jeffrey Rinker, senior vice president, downstream at Husky. “Our valued partnership with BP is built on collaboration and an unwavering commitment to safety and operational integrity.”
BP employs 1,100 skilled workers and contractors and supports 4,400 jobs in Ohio. As part of its commitment to the Toledo region, the refinery also has invested approximately $3.1 million since 2013 with local schools and non-profit organizations.
Government and union officials who attended the anniversary event recognized the facility’s contribution to the area.
“Literally thousands of hard-working men and women have traversed the gates at BP-Husky in Oregon during its remarkable 100-year history in our region. The economic impacts of the BP investment in Northwest Ohio cannot be overstated. This centennial recognition is a tribute to the remarkable partnership between BP and Northern Ohio’s skilled workforce which come together to deliver products to the world every single day,” said Rep. Kaptur.
"Today we celebrate 100 years that BP-Husky has played a vital role in our entire region. In an amazing and often turbulent century, one constant is and has remained: a steadfast BP-Husky Refinery supporting economic development, providing good paying jobs all while respecting our environment," Rep. Sheehy said.
“For more than 100 years, the BP-Husky Toledo refinery has been an important employer in Oregon, an important partner for our city, and an important leader of our community. We look forward to working with them for the next 100 years as well,” said Mayor Seferian.
Mike Edwards, BP-Husky union chairman, United Steel Workers Local 1-346, said, “The USW is proud to have played an integral part in the rich history of the BP-Husky Toledo Refinery. We look forward to another century of working together to safely fuel the Midwest.”


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