Bay Park resumes normal operations amid coronavirus

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        ProMedica Bay Park Hospital in Oregon has transitioned to normal operations after serving as the health system’s primary facility for COVID-19 patients from March through May.
        “Bay Park Hospital staff did an amazing job caring for our sickest patients during the earlier stages of the pandemic when there was still much uncertainty,” said Dawn Buskey, president of ProMedica Metro Region Acute Care. “Over the past couple of months, our system has learned a great deal about treating COVID-19, and we are well-prepared to do so safely in specially designated areas at all of our hospitals. That’s why we decided that it was time to transition Bay Park Hospital back to normal operations.”
        The first step in the transitioning process was to routinely treat and admit COVID-19 positive and suspected positive adult patients at local ProMedica hospitals starting on May 14. Soon after, Bay Park Hospital began accepting non-COVID-19 admissions.
        “We have taken a systematic, phased-in approach to resuming normal hospital operations,” said Dr. Ravi Narra, vice president of medical affairs at Bay Park. “Just as we strategically designated Bay Park Hospital as the centralized COVID-19 facility, we have been very thoughtful about returning to normal operations.”
        The next step was to reopen surgery services at Bay Park. Consistent with state guidelines, the hospital is performing all essential surgeries and non-essential surgeries that do not require an overnight stay. Ambulatory diagnostic testing capabilities resumed May 18, including non-time sensitive fluoroscopy, mammograms, ultrasound, DEXA, and lung cancer screenings.
        ProMedica physicians’ offices in the Bay Park Medical Office Building that were impacted by the hospital’s COVID-19 designation began reopening for in-person visits over the past few weeks. During the week of June 2, the final offices, including ProMedica Physicians Obstetrics and Gynecology – Oregon and ProMedica Physicians Cardiology – Oregon reopened.
        “Thank you to everyone who has supported our staff and patients during this challenging time,” Buskey said. “While the pandemic is not over, we are hopeful about our path forward as a health system and as a community.”


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