Banks set to be the main event at boxing venue

Yaneek Smith

Press Sports Editor

Wrestling satisfied Quinton Banks’ competitive streak in high school.
These days, the Genoa alum has taken up boxing.
Now under the guidance of his coach, Mike Widmer, Banks is working to climb the ladder in the boxing ranks. He’ll get a chance to compete at the local level when he headlines the main event on Monday at Venue 18 Entertainment Complex in Fostoria. He’ll fight in the Demolition Boxing Series (DBS) Under 21 152-pound weight class championship. (According to Widmer, there are seven or eight gyms under the DBS umbrella.)
Banks has a 4-4-1 record.
Widmer talked about Banks’ work ethic and drive.
“He trains four times per week, and he does stuff on his own on his off days. Total, we’re investing around 300 minutes per week, and on his own time, another 150-300 minutes,” said Widmer. “I’m super focused on the time aspect of it — what we’ll do is approximately 600 minutes of work per week, and the week of the fight, it is 300 minutes of work and that way we have that extra strength.
“His toughness definitely stands out. A lot of that comes from wrestling and his coaches at Genoa. He’s also very, very dedicated to practice; he’s super dedicated. That’s one thing that sets him apart,” Widmer said.
Banks trains at the Ohio Martial Arts Center at Fallen Timbers in Maumee ( The center offers a variety of classes, including fitness classes.
Banks said getting into great shape could help him greatly as he wants to join the Toledo Fire Department.
“It’s something I think he was passionate about in school. In high school, he was going to Penta (Career Center), and he had done very well,” said Widmer. “I know it’s something he likes doing; he’s a good person, so I imagine it’s something he wants to do because he likes helping people.”
Genoa wrestling coach Bob Bergman recalled Banks and his enthusiasm for wrestling.
“Quinton was a quiet wrestler and a heck of a competitor for us. He wrestled in our program for several years and steadily improved,” Bergman said. “Quinton is resilient, consistent, and has a heart of gold.
“Quinton was a great leader for us his senior year,” Bergman said. “He has an excellent work ethic and always gave his all. The best part is that he routinely helped and mentored our youngsters in the program.
“It is neat to see Quinton continue to compete and excel. Even keeled and duty-bound, we knew he would be successful at whatever he set his sights on,” he said.


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