Angry Irishman Hot Sauce wins award

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Angry Irishman Hot Sauce, manufacturer of 10 handcrafted, Ohio-made hot sauces, mustards, barbecue sauces and dry rubs, has been honored with the Center for Innovative Food Technology Excellence Award.
The award is in recognition of exceptional achievement in the development of the food company and the contribution to the industry and state of Ohio.
“We are very excited to receive this award for our achievements,” said Kevin Mackey, president and CEO, Angry Irishman Hot Sauce. “Because of the ongoing assistance from CIFT, we are looking at the next big phase for the business, and look forward to continued growth and expansion.”
In 1995, Mackey founded the company that has earned several prestigious local and regional awards over the years. Production takes place at the Northwest Ohio Cooperative Kitchen, managed by CIFT, where several products and flavors were recently added due to consumer demand – including online orders coming from across the globe.
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