All Elite Sports Complex opens in Oak Harbor

Yaneek Smith

Sports Editor

Ashley Damschroder, the owner and facility manager of All Elite Sports Complex LLC, which is located at 712 North Locust St., is passionate about teaching kids to refine their softball skills.
But the facility also specializes in baseball, soccer and conditioning.
A ribbon-cutting ceremony and open house for All Elite Sports Complex took place earlier this month.
According to a statement released by the organization, it is “a fully-functional, indoor-turfed training facility that specializes in baseball, softball, soccer and conditioning.”
The 4,000-square-foot facility features current and former collegiate athletes as instructors to train 10- to 18-year-old student-athletes. Instructors set goals to enhance students’ skills to help them successfully achieve the next level of competition.
All Elite Sports Complex also offers team rentals of either half or the whole facility to help ensure teams have a place to practice in the winter out of the harsh Ohio weather.
Damschroder is one of six instructors at the facility, working to help softball players work on hitting, catching, fielding and pitching.
“I think its huge for this community,” Damschroder said. “It’s a big baseball and softball community. It allows the athletes to improve upon their game so when the season comes along, they’re ready.
“There’s nothing like this in town,” she said. "
Cami Haas, who was recently named the head softball coach at Oak Harbor, talked about the importance of having this facility.
“We are very fortunate to have facilities in our immediate area to serve our softball players. Consistency is key in working to get better, and the convenience of a place for our athletes to work right in town will do nothing but benefit our program long term,” she said. “I know many of the coaches come with college experience, which is great, as many of our softball players have goals to potentially play collegiately.”
Michael Shadoan, the president of Radiant Windows, a local business founded 21 years ago and employs approximately 20 people, owns the building, and Damschroder rents the facility from him. Shadoan’s son, Tyler, plays baseball for the Rockets, and his daughter, Katie, played softball before graduating.
“Michael reached out to me and asked if I’d like to open up a facility, and this is what we’ve got now,” said Damschroder.
Damschroder previously worked at RedShed Baseball & Softball in Fremont but saw so much demand and long waiting lists that she recognized a new facility was a necessity.
“My daughter played on one of Ashley’s daughter’s travel teams, and that’s how we became acquainted,” said Shadoan. “She used to do pitching training at the RedShed, another training facility, and there was so much demand. She saw that the community had the demand for this, and we don’t have anything like this except the RedShed, and they’re the only facility (in the area).
“She asked to rent the space, (and) we thought it was a great match. My son, Tyler, encouraged us to have Ashley come on board with us. He can use the training for baseball. She’s the associate athletic director at Terra State Community College. It’s brand-new sports teams; they don’t have a lot of (athletic) facilities, which was another factor for Ashley to come and start a facility. It allows some of Terra’s athletes to do some training. This will be a nice starting point for them, eventually they’ll get their own place. When Ashley designed it, she had some of the nets where they can be retracted. Granted, it’s not huge, but it’s adequate,” Shadoan said.
“Part of the issue is the downsizing of our school system — we lost Rocky Ridge, Carroll Schools, and in the near future, we’ll be losing the junior high,” he said. “These are all spaces that we don’t have anymore. We have R.C. Waters and the high school. Field time and court time is valuable. The more facility subsidiaries that we can provide for the teams, the better off we’ll be.
“We’re very excited to be a part of this,” Shadoan said.
For more information, call Damschroder at 419-463-4464, email or visit


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