After arrests, repeal looms over HB 6

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State Senator Sean J. O’Brien, D-Bazetta, has announced he will introduce legislation to repeal House Bill 6.
His announcement comes after allegations that the bill’s passage last year was linked to a $61 million bribery scheme involving House of Representatives Speaker Larry Householder and four associates.
The bill is set to be introduced early next week with Sen. Stephanie Kunze, R-Hilliard, as a joint sponsor, he said.
The original legislation provided subsidies for aging nuclear and coal plants and rolled back renewable energy standards.
Sen. O’Brien said the corruption charges, “revealed a direct link to the passage of HB 6 last year. HB 6 included subsidized payments totaling more than $1 billion to Ohio’s two nuclear facilities owned and operated by FirstEnergy Solutions, now operating under the name of Energy Harbor. Policies enacted under the umbrella of bribery and corruption are inherently harmful to our state.”
Members of both parties in the House have also announced their intention to introduce repeal bills.
HB 6 passed last year with bi-partisan support in both chambers. In the House, it passed by a vote of 51-38. Local representatives Mike Sheehy, D – Oregon, Haraz Ghanbari, R- Perrysburg, and Lisa Sobecki, D – Toledo, voted in favor. In the Senate, it passed 19-12 with Teresa Fedor, D- Toledo, and Theresa Gavarone, R – Bowling Green, voting in favor.
Rep. Sheehy said Wednesday he would support a bill to be sponsored by representatives Michael Skindell, D-Lakewood, and Michael O’Brien, D-Warren, which would repeal HB 6.
“I support nuclear energy as one of the keys to achieving a diverse and sustainable energy portfolio in Ohio. However, these goals cannot be achieved when tens of millions of dollars are used to subvert the will of Ohioans. It must be done with integrity and honesty, which all Ohioans demand and deserve,” said Rep. Sheehy.


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