“Temporary exhibit” showcases young Oregon artists’ talents

Tammy Walro

        In an eye-catching “temporary exhibit” a group of young artists showcased their talents in a unique venue – the driveway at an Oregon home.
        While most driveway artists choose chalk, Kayleigh and Kassidy Bauer, joined by a group of neighborhood girls ranging in age from 11-14, decorated the Bauer’s asphalt driveway using mostly old house paint.
        No…they didn’t get in trouble. In fact, the eclectic mural was “commissioned” by Kayleigh and Kassidy’s mom, Michelle Babione-Bauer
        “We were replacing our asphalt driveway with concrete, so I thought it would be a nice project for them to paint whatever they wanted on the driveway,” Michelle said.
        “All the girls hang out together during most of the summer and weekends when not in school, so I thought it might be something fun for them to do,” she said.
        “Kayleigh, 14, drew the Joe Cool painting – she’s always had an interest in art and has recently painted Snoopy characters all over her bedroom wall,” Michelle said. “Kassidy, 13, did the bottom half of the driveway. She did a  runes (letters) pattern.”
        The asphalt artwork also included pictures of Dora the Explorer, McDonald’s fries and a Wendy’s Frosty, among other designs.
        Other participants in the driveway art project included Kaitlyn Blair, 12; Adella Rodriguez, 13; Hayden Rodriguez, 11; Kimi Floyd, 11; Aubrey Leichty, 12; Madison Dabish, 12 and Lia Nowak, 11.
        The mural was photographed for posterity before crews came Aug. 15 to tear up the driveway in preparation for a new concrete one to be installed.


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