“Bradstreet’s Disaster” micro-exhibit on exhibit

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        The National Museum of the Great Lakes has opened up a temporary new “micro-exhibit” highlighting the story of Col. John Bradstreet’s disastrous campaign during “Pontiac’s Rebellion” after the French and Indian War.
        “It was October 18, 1764, when Col. John Bradstreet took upwards of 60 bateaus and nine canoes and landed near what is now Rocky River, Ohio,” said Carrie Sowden, the National Museum of the Great Lakes’ Archaeological and Research Director. “Overnight, a vicious storm wiped out almost half the fleet. When all was said and done, Col. Bradstreet's entire campaign was not just unsuccessful, but disastrous.”
        In the years since, remnants from Bradstreet’s disaster have appeared on and been discovered around Rocky River’s beaches. The findings continue to tell the story of this Great Lakes history era.
        “Among the artifacts in the collection are a swivel gun and accessories,” Sowden said. “There is even a highly decorated piece yet to be identified. Who knows, maybe we can learn more about this mystery item through exhibit display?”
        The “Bradstreet’s Disaster” micro-exhibit is included with the price of general admission and is scheduled to be on exhibit through the winter of 2022.
        The museum is also hosting a presentation at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 10 to further explore the historical context around Bradstreet's Disaster, the making of the micro-exhibit, and the archaeological finds from Rocky River.
        For more information on the exhibit, museum admission and operating hours, visit nmgl.org.


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