This Week In Toledo History

Lou Hebert

Sept. 11
1852 -Toledo teacher salaries reported to be about $20 to $25 per month.
1926 -The Lion Store garage on Madison Avenue in Toledo, including 22 delivery trucks, nine of which are fully loaded with dry goods, destroyed by fire.
1953 - Toledo morals squad crackdowns on pinball machine “gambling".
2001 - United States suffers a major terror strike as four hijacked jetliners crash in locations in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. Almost 3,000 people are killed in the attack. Many of the deaths occur at the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York. Toledo reacts with horror and shock as the world stops and watches events unfold on television. Toledo evacuates many public buildings and streets are closed off around One Government Center.

Sept 12
1893 - Train engineer James Knapp of Toledo shot and wounded during robbery of Lakeshore train by highwaymen between Toledo and Chicago.
1910 - Three railroad workers are killed in a train crash between Walbridge and Lemoyne when a passenger train went off the rails.
1919 -The headwaiter at the Secor Hotel’s ballroom, the Butterfly Room, has banned the new dancing craze of dancing cheek-to-cheek.
1933- A man robs and murders a golfer, John Parker, on the 15th tee at Sylvania Country Club. Parker, a local insurance salesman.
1950 - Future Playboy model and actress Cynthia Myers born in Toledo. The voluptuous Woodward High grad become a favorite for many fans and American troops in Vietnam after her Playboy feature debuted in 1968. Myers passed away at the age of 61 in Los Angeles.
1959 - Toledo rock group Johnny (Paris) and the Hurricanes reaches the "Top Ten" record chart with "Red River Rock" peaking at number five.

Sept. 13
1911 - Cavalry unit and a large posse is ordered into rural area of Elmore to search for man who was reported to have taken liberties with 6-year-old girl.
1916 -The new Lasalle and Koch store is now under construction at Adams and Huron Streets.
1943 - Award-winning children’s writer Mildred Taylor is born in Jackson Mississippi. Her family later moves to Toledo where she graduated from Scott High School and University of Toledo. Her second children's novel, "Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry", won the 1977 Newberry Award.
1961 - Former President Harry Truman visits Toledo and gives speech at National Exchange Club convention at Sports Arena.

Sept. 14
1902 - Toledo Auto Club is formed, someday to become AAA of Toledo.
1903 - Statue of late President William McKinley unveiled at Lucas County Court House.
1906 - Nine Italian railroad construction workers plunge to their deaths on the Maumee River when their hand car runs off the rail drawbridge at Ironville in East Toledo.
1942 - Crooner Bing Crosby comes to Toledo to perform at the Commodore Perry Hotel and to perform for soldiers at Camp Perry near Port Clinton.
1962 - Toledo native Foy Kohler and wife Phyllis leave for Moscow as he becomes the new Ambassador to the Soviet Union. Toledoan Kohler would become the point man for the United States with the Kremlin as the infamous Cuban missile crisis unfolded the next month.

1914 - Bowling Green State Normal College (later to become BGSU) is opened.
1920 - Baseball legend Babe Ruth plays an exhibition game at Swayne Field in Toledo.
1934 - The new Reptile House is dedicated at the Toledo Zoo. It was built by relief labor using salvaged materials from the canal locks, the Wabash Railroad, the old Jefferson School and from the old sidewalks along Cherry Street.
1943 - Toledo Public Schools shutdown when three non-teaching unions go on strike against the school district.
1953 - The township of Oregon forms its first fire department.
1971 - Death claims the life of Toledo's Frazier Reams, Sr., former Ohio Attorney General, renowned prosecutor and owner of WTOL-TV and radio stations.
1967 - The Toledo Mud Hens win Governors’ Cup Championship of the International League for the first time.

Sept. 16
1896 - Abolitionist and Toledo congressman during the Civil War, James Ashley, dies of heart attack at the age of 74. Ashley was also a Governor of the Montana Territory and was the builder of the Ann Arbor Railroad.
1904 - A Mrs. Feltman in Bowling Green was injured severely by an exploding fruit jar. It was reported the jar was filled with new fruit and exploded without warning sending pieces of glass into her flesh and opening a vein on her arm.
1933 - Search begins for missing mail plane along shore of Lake Erie near Toledo. Wreckage found five days later 100 miles off course near Jackson Michigan. Pilot, Harold Neff is alert and talking when rescued, but dies two days later.
1959 - First edition of Oregon News is distributed on the streets.

Sept. 17
1909 - Four “tramps” picked up by Fostoria Police and taken to court and then ordered to be washed down with hoses and put in jail for five days on bread and water.
1930 - Prudence Lamb of Perrysburg confronts city workers in her town with a rifle as they try to tear down her new white picket fence. They return with a machine gun and remove what they say is an illegal fence.
1937 - The newly built Naval Armory at Bay View Park opens with ceremony and dinner. Thousands attend the gala event.
1938 - Fourteen strikers are shot by guards on the picket line at the Federal Creosote Plant in Toledo. Two of the strikers were seriously wounded. Police say the picketers cornered the company guards and they opened fire.
1973 - Notorious Toledo gangster Thomas “Yonnie” Licavoli dies at his home in Columbus a few years following his controversial pardon by Governor Jim Rhodes.


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