Week Of 10/17/2022

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Week ending Oct. 7

Allen Township
10/04/2022 Nicole M Newlove as Successor Trustee of the Daniel L Petersen Family Trust to Gage T Crawford, 21039 West Curtice E and W Road, $106,400.
10/06/2022 Myra J Malek to Jennifer Mains and Richard Mains II, 6723 North Genoa Clay Center Road, $45,000.
Benton Township
10/05/2022 Thomas H Alliman Sr. and Diane S Alliman to Zackory George and Jessica McGrain, 3431 North Elliston Trowbridge Road, $260,000.
10/06/2022 Heather J DeTray nka Heather J Gottron to John M and Elizabeth M Guerin, 13516 West Kolb Road, $320,000.
Carroll Township
10/06/2022 Janis A Rayburn to Ryan Lemmle Investments LLC, 6376 North Harris Harbor Drive, $82,000.
10/06/2022 Kay A Wymer to Troy J Bullock, 6490 Harris Harbor Road, $100,000.
10/06/2022 Alice J Pierson to Sonya J Pierson Carter, 5650 North Russell Road, $75,000.
Clay Township
10/03/2022 Febe LeJeune aka Febe Yapragigur to Jessica Lutes and Tony J Mitchell, 23270 West Edgefield Road, $ 140,000.
Genoa Corp
10/06/2022 Michael A Mitchell and Denise E Mitchell to Cory Sullenberger and Virginie Sullenberger, 1220 Main Street, $70,000.
Elmore Corporation
10/05/2022 Gary C Rhiel and Faye K Rhiel to Tee Holdings LLC, 4219 Palacio Drive, $150,000.
Catawba Township
10/03/2022 Timothy and Rene Atkinson to William B and Lisa K Stanfield (Co-Trustees of the Stanfield Family Trust), 4861 E Tradewinds, $785,000.
10/03/2022 Davenport Real Estate Development LLC to Kevin G McCartney and Bonnie S McCartney, 858 North falling Waters Boulevard, $375,000.
10/03/2022 John A Ciferno to James S and Leslie F Krogman, 5290 East Ellithrope Drive, $78,500.
Danbury Township
10/04/2022 Nancy L Nuding-Trustee of The Charles W Nuding and Nancy L Nuding Trust to Catahoula FD LLC, 200 North Tibbel Drive, $198,000.
10/04/2022 Brian Ross to David W Parker, 2055 South Bristol Drive, $575,000.
10/05/2022 Thomas S and Cathy J Dearth to Kathryn S Rhodes and Brenda S Knipp, 519 North Erie Beach Road, $460,000.
10/06/2022 Bay View Villas LLC to John M Sivak, 2614 South Waterside Court Units 611, MS 33 and G3-25, $ 509,700.
10/07/22 John A & Barbara J Restar to Clyde D & Leslie P Moore, 1650 Lago Mar Dr., $426,000
10/07/22 Stephen L Ruedrich to Brian L Mussleman, 423 Cherry, $599,000
10/07/22 Evelyn J Lahm & Debra J Bickford to H Phillip & Karen Stahl, 644 Walnut Ave, $450,000
10/4/2022 Michael T Fite- Trustee of the Michael T Fite Revocable Trust to Coby D Pepon and Leagh M Pepon, 15ft of Lot #142 Memorial Shoreway, $22,500.
10/04/2022 Michael T Fite- Trustee of the Michael T Fite Revocable Trust to Jeffrey P Stiffler and Lisa J Stiffler, Lot138 Memorial Shoreway, $380,000.
10/04/2022 The Joyce A Tanski Qualified Residence Trust Dated 12/05/07 and The Dianne J Tanski Qualified Personal Residence Trust dated 12/05/07 to Brian Spoon and Adrea Spoon, 1657 Harbor Crossing Marina, $70,000.
10/07/22 Thomas M & Wendy Y Connelly to Joseph D & Heather M Thomas, 10951 N Bay Point Dr #204, $369,000.
Erie Township
10/06/2022 James and Amarilys Baszuk to Tamara and Shawn Darr, 41 North Schooner Point Drive, $239,900.
10/07/22 Linda L Eaken, Kathryn L. Schiefley & Susan J Schrader to Gregory K Sharp, 0 SR 163 , $40,000
Port Clinton Corp
10/03/2022 BEJ Family Limited Partnership LTD to Kevin Curry, 217 Laurel Avenue, $155,000.
10/04/2022 Ajax 2020-A REO Crop to Altric Holdings LLC, 515 Harrison Street, $89,900.
10/04/2022 Eye Homes Inc. to Great Lakes RE Holdings LLC, 214 Linden Street, $89,000.
10/07/22 Mark D & Rachel A Walland to Shane Edwards, 509 Lakeshore Dr. D-2, $270,000
Portage Township
10/03/2022 Geraldine A Gill (Successor Trustee) to Richard A Loroff and Kathy M Loroff, 2114 East Sand Road, $365,000.
10/07/22 Barbara & Richard McKee to Water Edge Quity Management LLC, 3720 East Aqua-Aire Dr Unit 67, $60,000
Put In Bay Township- School
10/07/22 Lorrene M & Arthur S Zygmunt to Lee Baron. 0 Dupont, $60,000
Oak Harbor Corp
10/06/2022 Ivena M Panacopoulos to Brittany Ruth, 165 Finke Road, $237,300.


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