Walbridge: Full-time officer may be added to roster

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The Village of Walbridge is considering the promotion of a part-time police officer to full-time status, mayor Ed Kolanko said last week,
Currently the police department has five full-time officers, including chief Ken Campbell, but the mayor said he’s been having discussions with village council on the village’s budget and whether another full-time officer can be added to the department roster.
A decision may be made by later this month.
“Maybe at the next (council) meeting. We’re having current discussions about that with council to see if that fits in with our budget and the staffing needs,” the mayor said.
Last week, council approved the promotion of an auxiliary officer to part-time status and in June the administration approved restructuring the department to include a position of sergeant.
Mayor Kolanko said at the time the change was made after nearly a year of assessing the department’s needs.
The mayor said chief Campbell began reviewing the department’s policies and personnel soon after being hired by the village in May 2018.
Jeremy Salaz was appointed sergeant. Prior to joining the Walbridge department he was with the Bradner Village Police Department.
Having another command officer on the staff will give the chief “a right hand man,” the mayor said.


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