Two Owens student broadcast programs nominated for awards

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        Two Owens Community College student broadcast programs have been nominated for Intercollegiate Broadcast System (IBS) awards.
        The awards are presented to students, faculty and staff of colleges and high schools from around the world. Owens Community College competes with two-year and four-year colleges for the awards.
        In the category “Best Specialty Music Show,” “Randomosity - Fall into Classics with Michael Jackson” from Sept. 29, 2022 received a nomination. The show is hosted by Joe Smith, aka Dr. Jay Thomas. Smith is a part-time student currently enrolled in the Broadcast Media Technology program.
        The Owens Outcomm Student Media Center was nominated for “Best News Report” for its coverage of the Owens Library Move on May 12. Students from the Spring 2022 Broadcast Media Technology 111 Media Writing class were nominated, consisting of Austin Crawford’s writing and reporting with the production team of Lucas Roach, Caleb Brewer, Corey Leszczynski, Jeremy Scheur and Nick Finkbeiner.
        “The IBS awards shine a huge light on the Broadcast Media Technology and Music Business Technology programs here at Owens Community College and lets students know we are a very capable and fast-growing program that will allow them to pursue a career in broadcast media or media in general,” said Herbey Atkinson, OCCR Station Manager and Program Director. He said it’s gratifying to see all the hard work pay off, especially as a two-year program competing with four-year schools with more resources.


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