Smith Paving & Excavating awarded bid for sidewalk program in Oregon

Kelly J. Kaczala

            Smith Paving & Excavating, Inc., was awarded an $88,659.50 contract for Oregon’s 2020 Sidewalk Program and miscellaneous concrete work.
        Smith Paving & Excavating, of Norwalk, Ohio, submitted the lowest and best bid for the project, according to the public service department.
            On Nov. 10, the city received a total of five bids for the program. The other companies that submitted bids include:
           •D.L. Smith Concrete LLC, Norwalk, with a bid of $114,445;
           •E & K contractors, Toledo, with a bid of $128,055;
           •RNG Concrete & Foundations, Inc., Collins, Ohio, with a bid of $97,914;
           •Quinn Concrete, Toledo, with a bid of $95,265.
        Based on a review of the bids and the city’s past experience with Smith Paving & Excavating, Inc., on various sidewalk projects, it was recommended that the project be awarded to the company, according to the public service department.
Uprooted trees
        “A lot of the sidewalk work that we have is when trees uproot the sidewalks,” said Public Service Director Paul Roman. “We take on those costs versus the property owner.”
        Although it’s at the end of the year, Roman said the work “should go pretty quickly.”
        “We do it every year. This year, we have additional work at the wastewater treatment plant. And they do have funds from wastewater that pays for their share,” said Roman.
        The 2020 Sidewalk Program and miscellaneous concrete work will be broken into two general work areas: Euclid Park subdivision and Oregon Wastewater Treatment Plant.
        The work in the Euclid Park Subdivision will consist of sidewalk installation, sidewalk replacement and ADA curb ramp replacement. The installation of the sidewalks will occur at the west end of Eastmoreland Boulevard, which will connect the existing sidewalk to the newly constructed path at the Urban Runoff Capture Project.
        The sidewalk replacement consists of replacing sidewalk sections deficient due to city infrastructure or trees within the city’s right-of-way.
Replacement locations
        Sidewalk replacement locations include addresses on Sylvandale, Robindale, Grasser, Ansonia, Laura, Lynnbrooke, Dogwood, Beachwood and Van Buren.
        The ADA curb ramp replacement will occur at intersections with Eastvale Avenue within the Euclid Park Subdivision. The replacement is necessary to comply with current ADA curb ramps specifications. That portion of the work will cost $59,304.50.
        The second work area, the wastewater treatment plant, involves the replacement of sidewalk due to safety concerns with cracked and settled sidewalk sections. That portion of the work will cost $29,355.
        The project costs were included in the 2020 general budget.


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