Real Estate Week Of 5/30/2022

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Week ending May 20

Bay Township
5/18/2022 George Lee Pickler and Carolyn I Pickler to Kyler R Heins and Keri B Heins, 2755 Cleveland, $359,000.
05/18/2022 Bay Area Services LTD to EJ Schaffer Properties LLC, 5040 West Little Portage East Road, $620,000.
Carroll Township
05/20/2022 Nancy L Slovak to Bradley Brown, 8887 Canada Goose, $106,000.
05/20/2022 Dean W and Mary C Howard to NJH Investments LLC, 6412 Harris Harbor, $105,000.
Genoa Corp
05/19/2022 Rex A Diebert (¼ interest) to Norleen K Diebert and Galen D Ross, 507 West Street, $26,300.
05/19/2022 Lawrence S Diebert (¼ interest) to Norleen K Diebert and Galen D Ross, 507 West Street, $26,300.
05/19/2022 Wayne J Diebert (¼ interest) to Norleen K Diebert and Galen D Ross, 507 West Street, $26,300.
Catawba Township
05/17/2022 Lucinda M George-Bealer to Mark R Johnson and Deanna L Johnson, 1011 Lost Lake, $459,900.
05/18/2022 John A MacBride and Mary A MacBride to Jennifer Morrisey, 4913 East Wood Duck Court, $800,000.
05/20/2022 Ralph B Rethman-Successor Trustee to Bob’s Builder Quality Construction Homes LLC, 3862 North Ridge Road, $575,000.
Danbury Township
05/16/2022 Larry E White and Rebecca A White, 1805 South Church Road, $385,000.
05/17/2022 Peggy Reilly Horgan aka Margaret M Reilly Horgan Trustee to Eric D Abati and Sarin E Abati, 202 Seventh Street, $680,000.
05/18/2022 Linda A Dubbert –trustee of The Linda A Dubbert Trust to Seth Showalter and Donna Showalter, 4676 Port Clinton Eastern, $200,000.
05/20/2022 Diane Krynock nka Diane McCumber to Todd M and Corinna V Efkeman, 0 Hillcrest, $85,000.
05/20/2022 Gary A and Donna Kazimir to Craig and Annette Parsell, 8374 East Reserve Way Unit # 7, $90,000.
Port Clinton Corp
05/16/2022 Maria A Greear to Justin Johnston and Jill Johnston, 302 Walnut Street, $155,500.
05/17/2022 Eugene V Davis and Leslie L Davis to William C Haas and Joan M Miller, 1807 East Perry # 66, $215,000.
05/18/2022 Seth Showalter and Donna Showalter to Kevin M Sanglovanni, 423 East 3rd Street, $150,00.
05/20/2022 Karen A Hoover to Ryan G Nuhfer, 711 West Lakeshore Drive Unit # 304, $189,000.
Portage Township
05/16/2022 Susan L Fabian to Tammy Coppeler and Mark Coppeler, 2110 State, $15,000.
05/17/2022 SFC, LTD. to Barbara M Clark, 3720 E. Aqua Aire Drive Unit # 32, $10,000.
Oak Harbor Corp
05/19/2022 Thomas A Thompson and Elizabeth A Thompson to Shelby A Crowell, 134 Erie Street, $150,000.
05/19/2022 Snyder Apartments and Properties, LTD to Lauren V Torres, 209 South Railroad Street, $125,000.


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