Real Estate Week Of 1/31/2022

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Week ending Jan.21

Allen Township
01/18/2022 Ronald J Rollins and Jeanne E Rollins to Scott E Klgar and Margaret Anne Kiger, 21070 Oak, $136,000.
01/18/2022 Toussaint Rivers Partners LLC to Scott Christopher-Lee Guzik, lot 6 Walbridge Road, $48,000.
Carroll Township
01/19/2022 Timothy Gunckel and Leslie M Gunckel to La Vaughn Chaffee Birnbaum, 6501 North Harris harbor Drive, $102,000.
01/20/2022 Linda F King and Robert L Woodall to Troy A Wickman, 5967 North Lemon Road, $22,500.
Catawba Township
01/18/2022 Lynn P Bucknell and Diane T Rehor-Successor Co-Trustees of The Pelka Family Revocable Trust under agreement dated July 30, 1997 and amended February 24, 2011 to Joanne M Kopf, 2930 North Perch Row, $ 657,500.
01/18/2022 Marblewood Homes Inc. to Christopher Shaffer and Pamela Shaffer, 4260 East McKenna Lane, $310,595.
01/18/2022 Optimus Development LLC to Marblewood Homes Inc, 4260 East McKenna Lane, $37,900.
01/19/2022 Bob’s Builders Quality Construction Homes LLC to Thomas A Shanley and Patricia J Shanley, 1185 North Catawba Bay, $65,000.
01/21/2022 CC Boat Harbor Inc. to Michael R Pavley, 0 North Carriage Lane, unit #41, $21,000.
Danbury Township
01/18/2022 Sonja Kristensen to Douglas Sabin and Rose Sabin, 0 East Harbor Road 2.186 acres, $262,000.
01/19/2022 Ann M Zielinski to Marlow DT LLC, 5831 East Harbor Road (Bldg. A-#5), $45,000.
01/19/2022 Marilyn D Boldon and Douglas P Boldon to Michael B Mier and Danis K Meir-Trustees of the Mier Family Trust dated October 5, 202017, $90,000.
01/21/2022 Ranhart LLC to Marblehead Holiday LLC, 8696 East Bayshore, $350,000.
Erie Township
01/18/2022 Terrance J Wurzel II and Anita Wurzel to Matthew Shumaker and Jessica Kimmett, 53 North Zeemon, $147,5000.
Port Clinton Corp
01/19/2022 John Loesser and Lisa Loesser to Altric Holdings LLC, 517 Madison Street, $180,000.
01/19/2022 Clifford Howell to Charles E McLaurin, 211 Fulton Street, $160,000.
Salem Township
01/20/2022 Charitable Adult Rides and Services INC to Dana D Voong, 1336 Grandview Drive, $5,000.


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