Real Estate Week Of 12/27/2021

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Week ending Dec. 17

Allen Township
12/13/2021 Mark Morrison and Karen Morrison to Matthew G Dunn, 5895 Martin Williston Road, $175,000.
12/17/2021 David L DeShetler and Cathy M DeShetler to James D Chamberlin and Nicole N Chamberlin, 22021 West State Route 579, $170,000.
Benton Township
12/15/2021 Ronald L Blausey and Jean A Blausey to William J Heaps and Amy L Heaps. 0 West Krause Road, $3,000.
12/17/2021 Martin R Brewster, Carl Brewster and Diane L Losie to Elizabeth A France, 15625 West State Route 2, $139,900.
Carroll Township
12/13/2021 Enrique Montalvo Jr to Tyler Heggie and Taylor Wahlers, 1413 State Route 19, $225,000.
Clay Township
12/15/2021 Joanne J Kettelle to Zachary W Humberger, 0 Hellwig (20acres), 124,000.
12/16/21 Jack L Lenz and Virginia C Lenz, 0 Opfer Lentz Road (36.683acres), $220,000.
12/17/2021 Estate of Theresa Crawford to Janice Sheahan, 23430 State Route 51, $55,000.
Harris Township
12/13/2021 Pamela J Miller to Kelli Weaver and Matthew A Weaver, 19048 West Orchard Drive, $156,000.
12/17/2021 Elmore Express Stop LLC to CH Realty IX/CG ME Express LP, 331 Harris Street and two vacant parcel Harris Street, $623,940.
Elmore Corporation
12/14/2021 Melissa R Simon to James H Collum Jr., 568 Ames Street, $46,000.
Catawba Township
12/14/2021 Shari L Haas to Todd Hurst and Wendi Hurst, 1530 North Starboard Avenue, $205,000.
12/15/2021 Sunshine Land III LLC to Midland Title Agency Inc., 0 Northwest Catawba, $732,000.
12/16/2021 Patsy C Minnitti to Diane M Chaplin, 841 North Harbor Point Drive, $144,580.
12/16/2021 Joseph A Shirilla and Toni A Shirilla to Gary M Nye and Karen R Nye, 5058 Meadow Lane, $54,000.
Danbury Township
12/13/2021 Barbarita M Barton to Hollie Reinhart and Vincent Reinhart. 242 Meadowbrook Drive, $130,000.
12/15/2021 Dorthy M Eno to Dwight E King and Alice C. L. King, 704 Oak Avenue, $743,945.
12/16/2021 Claire Tinkerhess to Kyle Foulkrod, 183 Vine Street, $525,000.
12/13/2021 Glenn R Beachy and Janice D Beachy to Michael J Mesaros and Lucia Mesaros, 4205 South Woodcliff Drive, $123,000.
12/15/2021 Joseph J Gouker and Patricia A Gouker to Akron Properties of Ohio LLC, 4440 East Forest Glen Lane, $115,000.
12/16/2021 John R Wesemeyer and Renee M Wesemeyer to Mabbey LLC, 3645 East Baycliffs Drive, $120,000.
Erie Township
12/15/2021 Richard G Racek to Jeffrey Kuras and Suzanne Kuras, 0 State Route 163 (44.33Acres), $225,000.
12/17/2021 The Estate of Hannelore P Knorn to Richard L Gunckle, 4655 West State Route 163, $105,000.
Port Clinton Corp
12/14/2021 Arvin Gibson Jr. to Rest and Settle LLC, 316 West Third Street, $117,000.
12/15/2021 One Twelve Monroe LLC to Bellagirl Enterprises LLC, 112 Monroe Street, $475,000.
12/15/21 Thomas Michael Littler to Kimberli D Radtke, 614 Taft Street, $214,000.
12/16/21 B. Imblum Real Estate Holdings LLC to James M Spaun and Joanna L Spaun, 509 West Lakeshore Drive #A5 (E-24), $313,000.
12/17/2021 Joseph Double- Trustee of The Joseph Double Revocable Trust Dates 01/14/2017 to Leisa D Diller, 1801 East Perry Street #14, $176,900.
12/17/2021 Priscilla G Lorensen (½ interest) to Zachariah B Toris and Michele R Toris, $40,000.
12/17/2021 Cindy L Steiner (½ interest) to Zachariah B Toris and Michele R Toris, 709 East Third Street, $40,000.
12/17/2021 Bryan C Meek to Raymond J Mass and Judith A Wolan, 1803 East Perry Street # 59, $195,000
Portage Township
12/15/2021 Frontier North Inc. to K2 Ventures LLC, 1971 East State Street, $290,000.
12/15/2021 Sandra L Richardson to Bassett Land Company LLC, 56 North Shawnee, $166,888.
12/15/2021 Kenneth R Kato (Trustee) to Kathleen A Sorna/Carrie Sorna Zukauckas (Co-Trustees), 0 East Aqua Aire Unit # 53, $37,000.
12/17/2021 JDM Island Development LLC to MAWL Properties LLC, 2656 East Harbor Road Unit C-3, $168,381.
Put In Bay Village School
12/16/2021 Morgan Park of Put In Bay LLC to Zachary A Kowalski and Jacqueline R Kowalski, 121 Basil Lane, $482,700.
Put In Bay Corp
12/16/2021 The Acorn Sportsmen Club Incorporated to Gregory A Auger and Anne H Auger, 250 State Route 357, $125,000.
Put In Bay Township
12/16/2021 Bohdan Temniuk to Jamie P Keller and Amy F Keller to 1492 Airline Drive, $530,000.
Salem Township
12/13/2021 Richard W Gates and Joyce M Gates to Dale R Behlmer and Diane L Behlmer, 600 Behlman Road, $189,000.
12/14/21 Thomas W Hines and Christina L Hines to Jacob Paul Moore and Jayme Lynn Moore, 11139 West Portage River South Road, $246,000.
Oak Harbor Corp
12/13/2021 Cara Lee Densic and Rick A Densic to Gail A Seeburger and Charles E Seeburger, 239 North Locust Street, $105,000.
12/17/2021 Nicole M Buehler to Cole R Weirich, 339 North Benton Street, $85,000.
12/17/2021 Bonnie Solze, Charles E DeGrisky and Barbara Kay DeGrisky and John W DeGrisky and Mary Beth DeGrisky to Joseph W Bella and Roberta E Bella, 562 East Water Street, $259,000.
12/17/2021 Brent W Matthews to Kyle D Pape, 427 West Water Street, $185,000.


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