Real Estate Week Of 12/26/2022

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Week ending Dec. 18

Allen Township
12/14/2022 James L Beehler to Brian S Mata and April M Henry, 5286 North Billman Road, $119,900.
12/14/2022 Chad C and Heather K Hornyak to Zachary S and Becky S Schultz, 6680 Goldenrod Court, $390,000.
Benton Township
12/14/2022 James J Vasill Jr to Christ and Meghan Timm, 512 North Graytown Road, $220,000.
12/15/2022 Toussaint River Partners LLC to Red Clay Farms LLC, 4165 North Graytown Road (2.503acres), $63,000.
Rocky Ridge
12/15/2022 Joshua Stockmaster and Samantha Stockmaster to Jason Rush, 14807 West Kolb Road, $300,000.
Carroll Township
12/12/2022 Donald and Charla J Akerman to Tamara B Storey and Richard Klosinski, 8956 West Canada Goose Court, $195,000.
12/12/2022 Wilma R Bloomfield to Behnken Property Management Inc, 8801 Sand Beach Road, $263,100.
12/16/2022 Wanda L McCord to Melvin Z McCord Jr, 10845 West Salem Carroll Road, $200,000.
Clay Township
12/12/2022 Kayla Jane Perry to Steven C Snider Sr. and Charon L Snider, 135 First Street, $155,000.
Elmore Corporation
12/12/2022 Courtney Hunter to Charles Chasteen, 530 South Toledo Street, $100,000.
Catawba Township
12/12/2022 GOC Ltd to Huron River Cattle Company LLC, 4535 East Bibi Street (13.913acres), $250,000.
12/14/2022 4376 LLC to Daniel Zeiser and Lori Gallo, 1198 Catawba Bay Drive, $100,000.
12/16/2022 Charles J and Renee C Devore to Bonnie Ann Tortelli –Trustee of the Fixit Trust dated April 7, 2015 FBO Bonnie Ann Tortelli, 5473 East Twinbeach Road $390,000.
12/16/2022 Ohio Presbyterian Retirement Services, an Ohio not for profit Corporation to Beth Quisno, 583 North Vineyard Circle, $239,000.
Danbury Township
12/12/2022 Susan C Rakes and Mark E Danklefsen to Mark E Danklefsen, 1505 South Heritage Drive, $90,000.
12/12/2022 Terry R Rowbotham and Janette L Rowbotham to Robert James Reminder and Sheryl Louise Kuhl Reminder, 1529 South Marblewood Drive, $225,500.
12/14/2022 Bay View Villas LLC to Bruce A and Kristen E Barker, 2670 South Waterside Court, $509,700.
12/14/2022 Bay View Villas to Garry Dodd and Jennifer L Dodd, 2680 South Waterside Court Unit # 1032, $419,900.
12/15/2022 Safe Harbor Marina Ltd nka Sunburst Marina LLC to Yes Capital Ventures Shmarina Land LLC, 6721 East Harbor Road, $130,000.
12/16/2022 Safe Harbor Marina Ltd nka Sunburst harbor Marina LLC to Yes Capital Ventures SHM LLC, multiple parcels (Sunburst Harbor Marina), $700,000.
12/16/2022 Bay View Villas LLC to Dean J Sigan and Jeanette P Kerver, 2678 SouthWaterside Court, $419,900.
Portage Township
12/14/2022 Ashley L and Allen F Miller to Joshua T and Courtney Olalde, 1221 East Emerald Avenue, $80,000.
12/15/2022 Knoll Crest Farm Enterprises Ltd to Knoll Crest Investors Ltd., 71.00acres Lightner road & State Route 163, $1,150,000.
Put In Bay Township- School
12/15/2022 Richard ump to Patrick Green, (1.0071acres) Booker Lane, $120,000.
Salem Township
12/14/2022 Thomas J Brennan to Brian Focht, 10919 West Hetrick Road, $30,000.
12/15022 William C Hartman and Leslie K Hartman (Trustees) to Joshua P Stockmaster, 2139 South Portage South Road, $375,000.
Oak Harbor Corp
12/15/2022 Richard L Knauss Sr. and Elizabeth A Knauss to Austin Beck, 141 South Maple Street, $179,500.


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