Real Estate Week Of 12/13/2021

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Week ending Dec. 3

Benton Township
12/02/2021 Shawn E Smith and Melissa A Smith to Michael A Kohlhofer and Deanna M Kohlhofer, 3700 North Graytown Road, $240,000.
Carroll Township
12/02/2021 Judith Shackelton to Sandra J Wyant, 8873 Canada Goose Drive, $100,000.
12/02/2021 Alison S Wolf to Jerry Don Johnson and Mary Jo Johnson, 8285 West Bier Road, $300,000.
Clay Township
12/03/2021 Karen Padgett-Johnson and Peter Johnson to Luke Patay and Heather Patay, 2832 North Huss Boulevard, $163,000.
Elmore Corp
11/29/2021 Citizens Bank NA to To The Moon Investments LLC, 305 Harris, $65,000.
11/29/2021 Jason S Brough to Larry L Ocheske, 354 Ottawa Street, $29,000.
Catawba Township
12/01/2021 Tracy L Westerfeld to John Martin, 190 North Crest Drive, $274,000.
12/02/2021 Sunshine Estates Builders LLC to Elliott D Fisher, 2442 North Torino Drive, $595,600.
12/02/2021 Lawrence P Finneran to Lawrence Finneran Duquesne LLC, 5775 East Pittsburgh, $30,000.
12/03/2021 William A Komar and Patricia L Komar to Michelle S Carra, 5214 East Blue Teal Drive, $394,900.
Danbury Township
11/29/2021 Bay View Villas LLC to Ryan Kelly and Kimberly Kelly, 2628 South Waterside Court Unit 711, $269,900.
11/29/2021 Johnson Corner LLC to Gregory D Brunton and Kira A Brunton, 222 Cherry Street, $840,000.
12/1/2021 Pamela Davis-Guerra and Francisco Guerra Jr to Holly A Hunt-Trustee of the Holly A Living Trust, 419 South Lightner Road, $200,000.
12/02/2021 Steven W Pesek and Jeremie A Pesek to Todd J Hoerig and Tammi D Hoerig, 1673 North Harbor Crossing, $148,000.
12/03/2021 Jared J Hund to Joseph Westly Hurst and Tory Marie Hurst, 1914 Bayview Drive, $230,000.
12/03/2021 Christopher D Van Auken and Danielle R Van Auken to Carrie M Abahazi and Jason A Abahazi, 2356 Split Rock, $69,000.
11/29/2021 Patricia T Horvath and Mark S Horvath to Bartholomew and Mary Patricia Leneghan, 3715 East Baycliff Drive, $100,000.
Port Clinton Corp
11/30/2021 Martha (Marty) J Brown-Successor Trustee to Donald E Zurawski and Paula M Zurawski, 116 West Fifth Street, $135,000.
12/03/2021 Joseph T Wagner –Successor Trustee of the Margaret E Wagner Living Trust to Robert Specker 427-431 Erie Court, $32,000.
12/03/2021 Gutschalk Properties LLC to Band L Rentals LLC, 211 & 223 Madison Street, $270,000.
Portage Township
11/29/2021 Morrisson Properties LLC to Christopher J Lee and Bryanne J Lee, 4125 Eats Kirk Road # 126, $49,900.
11/29/2021 Scott O Haberman and Mary Ann Haberman to Keaton Hill and Alexis Snyder, 2121 East State Road, $95,000.
12/01/2021 Focht Family Limited Partnership to Schwinkendorf Holdings LLC, 0 East Harbor Road, $350,000.
12/02/2021 Estate of Barry W Millinger to Richard Joyce and Christine Joyce, 478 Luschsinger Road, $85,000.
12/03/2021 JDM Island Development LLC to Mark A Sprenger, 2656 Eats Harbor Road Unit C-2
Put In Bay Village School
11/30/2021 Raymond Ebersole and Pamela Ebersole to Dawnson Investments LLC, 0 Airline Road, $75,000.
12/02/2021 David J Parker to Paradise Partners Limited Partnership, 681 Langram Road, $600,000.
Put In Bay Township
12/01/2021 David C Mason to John E and Deborah Grafmiller (½ interest) and Ryan E and Jessica A Grafmiller (½ interest), 1060 Gant Road, $22,000.
Salem Township
11/29/2021 Kimberly A Fic to Joshua M Monhollen, 221 Behlman Road, $185,000.
12/02/2021 Jim and Kate Smith LLC to Cody Boger, 7119 West Portage River South Road, $30,272.
Oak Harbor Corp
11/30/2021 Mark J Lenke and Mary J Lenke to Taylor Hanf, 117 West Park Street, $109,000.
12/02/2021 Webster G Cox and Sharon P Cox to Paris Stetkiw, 136 East Main Street, $100,000.
12/03/2021 Estate of Earl b Graham to Jeffrey A Favro Jr., 328 West Park Street, $51,700.


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