Real Estate Week Of 1/10/2022

Staff Writer

Week ending Dec. 31

Carroll Township
12/27/2021 Phillip A Knox Jr and Adrianna Elizabeth Boston to Phillip A Knox II and Wendi R Goetz, 6506 Harris Harbor, $45,000.
12/29/2021 Emmy Bowyer and Brandy Wittman to The Toussaint River Watershed Conservancy, 7434 West Toussaint Club Road, $275,000.
12/30/2021 Jerry M Sowell and Debbie J Sowell to Josh Jansen and Amanda Schimmoeller, 6670 Wayne, $61,500.
Clay Township
12/28/2021 Daniel A Williams to Angelica A Williams and Jonathan A Williams, 20870 West Main Street, $700,000.
Catawba Township
12/27/2021 The Estate of Joyce M Pines-Steven P Pines as Executor to Michael Masterson and Leah G Masterson, 5822 East Gordon Shore Drive, $266,000.
12/28/2021 Eric A Cook to Eric G Hull and Laurie K Hull, 2690 D. Canterbury Circle, $310,000.
12/29/2021 John A Mueller-Executor of the Estate of Marie K Mueller to Lisa A Carmichael and Robert A Carmichael III, 1610 Compass Avenue, $550,000.
12/29/2021 William Vandergiessen Real Estate LLC to Gregory D Miller and Kathleen L Miller, 5417 Walls Channel, $632,050.
12/29/2021 William J Dupps and Jacqueline A Dupps to Robert John Wolf and Anne Marie Wolf, 4730 East Karlite Drive, $325,000.
12/30/2021 CC Boat Harbor Inc. to Mary C Denk, Unit 20 North Carriage Lane, $21,000.
12/30/2021 Catawba Boat Yard ventures LLC to Catawba Island Storage Unit LLC, 3126 Northeast Catawba Road Units A-6 & A-8, $293,000.
Danbury Township
12/27/2021 Ronald J Cook to Eric Cook, 2116 Sauger Drive, $320,000.
12/27/2021 Ryan Matthew Olmstead (Trustee) to Ryan Paul Eckel, 271 North Erie Beach Road, $234,900.
12/28/2021 Thomas J Warner and Kathryn J Warner to Jeffrey S Daney and Lisa M Daney, 228 North Leddy Lane, $400,000.
12/29/2021 Floyd E Sypherd and Susan E Deerhake (Co-Trustees) to Patricia Curry and Robert Curry, 720 Jasmine, $560,000.
12/29/2021 Donald S Stockmaster and Natalie F Stockmaster to Cathy Dearth and Thomas Dearth, 1470 South Danbury Road, $502,500.
12/30/2021 Maria S Evans to Derek Salamon and Starlina Salmon, 9947 East Huron Trail, $65,000.
12/29/2021 Christopher M Malfara to Robert J Malfara and Lora L Malfara, 305 Stone Street & 0 Stone Street (0.041 acres), $165,000.
Port Clinton Corp
12/27/2021 Shawn M Kuzma and De Anna D Kuzma to Ian Michael Kuzma, 322 Wilson Street, $200,000.
12/27/2021 Susan K Inhat, Abigail L English, Robert B English, Jacob T English, Amy Mahler, and Libby M Belden to Millennium Trust Company Custodian fbo Jodi M Holman IRA, 718 Taft Street, $215,000.
12/28/2021 The Estate of Tina R Hernandez to Jason D Young, 711 Concord Lane, $65,000.
12/29/2021 Motte and Bailey Assets LLC to Anthony Greco and Karen Greco, 1609 Waters Edge, $600,000.
Portage Township
12/29/2021 JDM Island Development LLC to Randall M Cloonan and Heidi Christopher, 2656 East Harbor Road Unit C-4, $169,969.88.
Middle Bass
12/29/2021 Dominic J Scibillia to Gordon Barr and Kyle Barr, 1705 Deist Road, $457,000.
Put In Bay Township
12/29/2021 David G Washtock Jr and Margaret Washtock to Wesley A Swartz, 631 Trenton Avenue, $309,000.
Salem Township
12/27/2021 Frederick J McCarthy and Ann M McCarthy by Frederick J McCarthy to Roy Whitaker and Mary Pat Whitaker, 12670 West State Route 163, $335,000.
12/29/2021 Albert H Tettau and Lela M Tettau to Dustin Daniel Thorbahn, 9411 West Oak Harbor Southeast Road, $185,000.


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