Real Estate Week Of 10/4/2021

Staff Writer

Week ending Sept. 24

Carroll Township
09/20/2021 Raymond M Henry and Pamela L Henry, David Conley and Jillian Conley, 6376 Teal Bend, $105,000.
09/21/2021 Bradley A and Amy L Schuchert to Stephen R and Nichole Strausbaugh, 0 Bodi (rear), $9,500.
09/23/2021 Gary L Apling and Linda S Apling to Carroll Township Board Of Trustees, 2.181 acres Duff Washa Road, $15,5000.
09/24/2021 Deborah K Hepp to Jeffery Finn and Angela Finn, 2616 North Leutz Road, $315,000.
Clay Township
09/20/2021 Melvin E Sprauer and Rebecca J McMullen to MP Real Estate LLC, 570 Main Street, $40,000.
09/23/2021 Amanda Baliles to Nicholas John Tipton and Kristy M Tipton, 23755 West Meadow Drive, $168,000.
Genoa Corp
09/20/2021 Gary Lee Hahn to Issac M St. Marie, 306 6th Street, $35,900.
09/23/2021 John D Hesler and Lynda Hesler to Christina Verdugo and Emily Verdugo, 101 West 3rd Street, $161,9000.
Catawba Township
09/22/2021 John G Lassel and Marcia Lassel to Brad E Hossler (Trustee of The Brad E Hossler Revocable Living Trust), 1540 North Anchor Ave, $600,000.
09/22/2021 Michael A Kosec and Denise A Kosec to Gregory J Yarbrough and Stephanie C Yarbrough, 3248 North Valley Drive (0.2108acres), $10,000.
09/22/2021 Michael A Kosec and Denise A Kosec to Ryan J Dunlap and Amy M Dunlap, 3248 North Valley Drive, $395,000.
09/22/2021 Bruno Zottola and Cynthia M Zottola (Trustees of The Zottola Family Trust) to Michael J Kaufman and Karen M Kaufman, 5497 South Fairway Drive, $450,000.
09/23/2021 Ellen Bolognia Trustee of The Ellen Bolognia Revocable Trust to Anthony M Panzica and Cynthia Deyling-Panzica, 4401 East Harbors Edge Drive, $500,000.
09/23/2021 Rusell Janson and Laurie O’Malley to Thomas A Kne and Rebecca L Kne, 1859 Northeast Catawba Road Unit # 131, $66,000.
09/23/2021 Mary J Kohler to Michael J Gero and Donna J Gero,5631 East Farrow Drive, $210,00.
Danbury Township
09/20/2021 Kathleen A Martin to Mitch Rentals LLC, 2169 Walleye Drive, $925,000.
09/22/2021 Arch Stone Development LLC to Jason P Perdion, 2314 South Harbor Bay Drive, $489,900.
09/23/2021 Bay View Villas to Charles W Kohler and Lynn B Kohler (Trustees), 0 South Waterside Court, $44,900.
09/23/2021 Louisville Title Agency to Stephen M Saintz and Christina A Saintz, 2238 South Harbor Bay Drive, $129,900.
09/23/2021 Vivian D Bichsel (Trustee) to Phillip Lovegrove and Julie Anne Lovegrove, 111 Kenton Row, $985,000.
09/24/2021 Greg M Robinson and Stacey Robinson to Michael K Dostal and Rosa Marcelo Dostal, $510,000.
09/20/2021 Deborah and John Weinandy to Kathleen E Burkhart (Trustee of the Kathleen E Burkhart Living Trust), 162 Bay Breeze, $1,000,000.00
09/20/2021 David Weinandy to Kathleen E Burkhart (Trustee of the Kathleen E Burkhart Living Trust), 162 Bay Breeze, $500,000.
09/20/2021 Jerry & Jo Ellen Gilliam to John C Klaehn, 113 A Center, $80,000.
09/22/2021 Arthur W Exton and Gayle L Exton to Gary Kirtland and Rebekah Kirtland, 1510 North Buck Road #82, $222,000.
Erie Township
09/20/2021 Joshua D Jones to Melvin D Malak Jr and Heidi J Malak, 1220 West Richey Road WS 54 & RV site 21), $20,000.
Port Clinton Corp
09/20/2021 Kenneth E Nekl to Weekend Anchor LLC (25% int), 238 West Lakeshore Drive # B, $25,000.
09/20/2021 Toni Miller to Jeremy Scot Worthington and Maria Dolores Ramierz Ruiz, 1807 East Perry Street #69, $220,000.
09/21/2021 David R Boldt and Denise M Boldt to Timothy J Smith and Carol c Smith, 125 Oak Street, $128,000.
09/21/2021 Sondra Kramer (aka Sondra L Kamer) ½ interest to Gillzone LLC, 711 West Lakeshore Drive # 604, $87,500.
09/21/2021 Sondra L Kramer (Trustee of the Richard E Kramer Trust, ½ interest), 711 West Lakeshore Drive #604, $87,500.
09/21/2021 GIGI Marie Rice to Nicholas D Sefcik and Ryann M Sefcik, 1801 East Perry #5, $168,000.
09/23/2021 Joseph Steiger, Doug Steiger, William Steiger and Michelle Horn to Kuras Capital LLC, 114 Jefferson Street, $71,650.
Portage Township
09/23/2021 The Estate of Miles D Boss to Zane Enterprises, LLC, 1051 South Lake Street, $30,000.
09/24/2021 The Focht Family Limited Partnership to Bassett Land Company LLC, 1923 & 0 East Harbor Road, $875,000.
North Bass
09/22/2021 Mark E Zartman and Mary K Zartman to Richard Harlan, 515 Wires, $30,000.
Middle Bass
09/20/2021 EJ Schaffer Properties LLC to Kenneth A Shears, 400 Swartz Lane Unit #107, $97,000.


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