Real Estate Transfers Week of 2/22/2021

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Week ending Feb. 12

Clay Center Corp
02/08/2021 Estate of Helen J Rollins to Jolene V Young, 0 Cleveland, $400,000.
Benton Township
02/10/2021 Thomas L Goetz to Zane Troknya and Hayley Doski, 0 Toussaint N, $75,000.
Carroll Township
02/12/2021 Sharon L and Andrew L Zeinert to DRF LLC, 8954 Canada Goose Court, $135,000.
02/12/2021 Charles Ricketts to Michael J and Jerrol A Harsh, 6411 Teal Bend $67,000.
Catawba Island Township
02/10/2021 William Vandergiessen Real Estate LLC to James and Amy Beatty, 5360 A Pin Tail Drive, $462,200.
02/11/2021 James W and Carol J Woodard to Thomas S Sowers and Kelly M Wessell, 5325 Blue Teal Drive, $550,000.
02/12/2021 Ronald A.and Sandra J Weiner to Robert G and Diane E Mahl, 4439 East Harbors Edge Drive, $535,000.
02/12/2021 John Rofkar Builders LLC to Lawrence and Michelle E Mencin, 5535 East bay Pointe Circle, $355,000.
02/12/21 Robert J and Rita A Maschmeier to Diana S Brown, 5357 East Port Drive, $ 345,000.
Genoa Corp
02/10/2021 Douglas P and Nancy A Wilhelm, 1306 Buckeye Street, $130,000.
02/12/2021 Beth A Johnson to Andrea M and Alan Charles Haar. 1320 Superior Street, $125,000.
Harris Township
02/09/2021 Kenneth A Gahler to Jay and Rebecca Catherine Potter, 573 South Stange Road, $265,000.
Danbury Township
02/10/2021 John and Karen Wojtala to Michael and Kathy Duibley, 2261 South Commodore Court, $266,800.
02/12/2021 Morgan Beck to Jason D Pfeiffer, 7205 East Wilderness Drive, $184,000.
02/12/2021 Ronald T and Melissa L Carrocce to Michael E and Catherine L Hubbs, 11040 East Bayshore Road, $472,500.
Erie Township
02/10/2021 Cheryl M Karpinsky Goodyear to Bryan and Debbie McGoun, 1561-1563 Clinton, $120,000.
02/11/2021 Elisa T Collins to Andrew L and Sara N Shoemaker, 5901 & 5925 West Harbor Road, $200,000.
Port Clinton Corp
02/12/2021 The Michael T Puskarich Trust to Renee A Gareau-Nieman, 6001 North Poplar Street, $228,000.
Middle Bass
02/12/2021 Scott Lucas, Jeffrey D Jordan & Colleen Jordan to Charles A and Elaine B Kiraly, 400 Swartz Lane, $149,900.
Put In Bay Village School
02/08/2021 Morgan Park of Put-In-Bay LLC to Susan Latham, 31 Basil Lane, $120,000.
02/09/2021 Margaret Ruth Scarpelli to Jon R Scarpelli and Kristen M Standford, 1186 Catawba Ave, $335,000.
Oak Harbor Corp
02/12/2021 William R and Jennifer L Giezie to Shelby F St Clair and George Donald Mc Richie, 8381 West Portage River South, $261,000.


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