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Allen Township
03/12/2024 Michelle D Shaffer to Malik J Bankston Jr, 22718 West Toledo Street, $169,900.
03/12/2024 Frances Gordon Wuest atta Frances V Gordon to Brian Bengela and Tammy Bengela, 22721 West Toledo Street, $120,000.
03/15/2024 Thomas L Cashen III & Heather A Cashen to US Bank National Association, 5888 N Reiman Road, $25,000.
Lake in Allen Township
03/13/2024 Ronald D Boyer and Lauretta A Carlson to Jonathan Bullock, 29340 North Fostoria Road, $150,001.
Bay Township
03/11/2024 Jonathan A Majkut and Mary E Anzelmo to Kimberly A Sesko, 655 South Streeter Road, $151,000.
03/14/2024 Donna J Laird to Kenneth Laird, 5390 Fremont Road, $142,244.
BCS School in Bay Carroll Township
03/14/2024 Water’s Edge Equity Management LLC to Kevin J Weber, 6316 North Harris Harbor Drive, $157,500.
Harris Township
03/14/2024 Duane F Arndt & Sharon E Arndt to Kevin M Fox & Kathy S Fox, 0 W Kempke, $310,000.
Harris Elmore Corporation
03/15/2024 Centerbury Road LLC to P & D Holdings of Ohio LLC, 365 Rice Street, $350,000.
Danbury Township
03/13/2024 Rojos Resources Inc to DJZ Roofing LLC, 9045 E Harbor Road (.228acres), $30,000. 03/15/2024 Virginia Lee Eckstein ( Executor of Estate of Joanne H Eckstein) to Mark A Konopka and Elizabeth A Konopka-Trustees of the Konopka Family Trust, 1852 North Buck, $202,000.
03/15/2024 Joshua Lorek & Stephen Sowers to Sean Scanlon & Cheryl Scanlon, 1609 N Coldwater Crossing, $68,000.
Marblehead Corporation
03/11/2024- The Estate of Sandra Serio to Kim Marie Johnson and William F. Tracey, 10700 East Bay shore Rd, $187,500.
Port Clinton Corporation
03/11/2024 David N Oberle & Nikki Oberle to Toni L Garrett, 710 Monroe St., $108,000.
03/12/2024 Suzanne Leone and Vincent Leone to 2nd St Storage LLC, 322 W Second Street, $125,000.
03/15/2024 Cook Investment Properties LLC to SOUTHBOYDEN LLC,215 Elm St, $299,900.
03/15/2024 Erie Islands Land Management LLC to Sunset 12 Properties LLC, 120 Buckeye Boulevard Units A, C, D, $445,000. Catawba Township 03/11/2024 Stacey Yelich to Paul and Caren Amodio, 5271 North Point Dr Unit 1, $420,000.
03/14/2024 Sunshine Estates Builders LLC to Ross Graham, 2472 Torino Drive, $694,520.
Salem Township
03/12/2024 Ashley Plummer to Aaron T. Moore, 9501 W Portage River South,$1,000.


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