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Week ending February 16
Allen Township
02/15/2024 Jeffrey D Sorg & Andrea S Sorg to Samantha Katschke & Kenneth Katschke, 0 Walbridge Road Lot #4, $77,500.
Clay Center Corporation
2/15/2024 Tammy Sandwisch fka Tammy Hansen, Holly Stewart and Terrylou Coger to Flipping Innovations LLC, 355 Main Street, $35,000.
Harris Elmore Corporation
02/15/2024 Donald R Widmer and Sandra K Widmer to Watchtower Estates LLC, 366 Rice Street, $105,000.
02/16/2024 Morgan N Netcher to Meghan Glenn and Javier Slaughter, 307 Clinton Street, $150,000.
Danbury Township
02/12/2024 Emil L Bloomfield to Linda Gray and Dennis Gray, 4210 East State Road, $250,000.
02/15/2024 Peter J Mulcahy and Deborah L Mulcahy to David P Roy Jr and Heather Roy, 2600 South Waterside Court Unit #511, $530,000.
02/16/2024 Mollie U Flaherty and Riley F Flaherty to Jennifer D Parisian and Jeffrey A Parisian-Trustees of the Parisian Revocable Trust dated September 15,2020, 1867 Fernwood Lane, $460,000.
Marblehead Corporation
02/14/2024 Elaine M. Roth to Jason Lee and Julianne Lee, 202 Frances Street,$100,000.
02/14/2024 Fred Koury and Edward Nassar to Michael T Rice-Trustee of The Michael T Rice Trust dated December 7, 2018, 140 Cove Court, $795,000.
Port Clinton Corporation
02/14/2024 Michael C Barnes and Wendy M Barnes to Kenneth O Whetzel and Carol L. Whetzel, 200 W. Lakeshore Dr Unit 8, $349,500.
Catawba Township
02/15/2024 Evelyn Albrecht to Jason Harmon & Danielle Harmon, 3291 N Stonehouse & E Moore’s Dock, $400,000.
02/15/2024 Evelyn Albrecht to David E Urdzik & Dianne G Urdzik, 1595 N Edgewater Dr., $275,000.
02/15/2024 Steven Dort & Susan Dort to Dean F Clemons & Lyn M Clemons, 972 Lost Lake Rd.$665,000.
02/15/2024 Jospeh M Walby & Lynette Walby to Paul C Gruttadauria & Christine M Gruttadauria, 5608 East Farrow Ave., $60,000.
02/16/2024 John P Rossman and June H Rossman to Terrence R Speth-Trustee of the Declaration of Trust of Carmelo Ruta, 3173 Beach Towne Court, $555,000.
Put In Bay Corporation
02/14/2024 Chadwick R. Hughes and Celeste O’Haire Co Trustees to Stallar Innovations and Solutions Inc., 0 Airline,$125,000.


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