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Week ending Jan. 19

Allen Township
01/16/2024-Jackie L. Barraclough to Billy J. Robinson Jr., 30698 North Fostoria Road, $215,000.
01/19/2024 Thomas Michael Wojciechowski and Tracy M Wojciechowski to David F Bormyea, 19310 West Walbridge East Road, $42,500.
Genoa Corporation
1/16/2024 Gale Despones and Frank Despones to Trevor James Esker and Kourtney Esker, 102 East 3rd Street, $125,000.
1/19/2024 David G Squillante (Trustee) to Caleb T McGeorge, 902 Cherry Street, $169,000.
Danbury Township
01/19/2024 Joyce Towne Gross to Go To The Lake LLC, 501 Cherry Avenue, $395,000.
Marblehead Corporation
01/16/2024- Gene Favorite Trustee to Jeffery C. Vlk and Teressa M Vlk Sucessor Trustee, 10654 E Bayshore, $24,000. 01/16/2024- Gene Favorite Trustee to Jeffery C. Vlk and Teressa M. Vlk Sucessor Trustee, 10654 E Bayshore, $25,000. Portage Township
01/18/2024 Robert H Crabtree and Patricia A Crabtree (Trustees) to James M Kelly and Allison M Kelly, 2565 East Sand Road, $440,000.
01/19/2024 Agus Yana to Mark Liikala, 1051 S 2nd St. $125,000.
01/19/24 Gary J Coon & Michelle K Cook to Sendero Therapies Inc., 4125 E Kirk Rd. Unit 219, $70,000.
Catawba Township
01/16/2024-Lori M. Gallo and Daniel G. Zeiser to Daniel W. Stauffer and Valli J. Stauffer, 1223 Catawba Bay Dr., $70,000. 01/16/2024 Charles Peter Pluto III and Stacy Pluto to Michael D Pietrowski and Kersten K Pietrowski, 3951 Coachman’s Trail, 3955 North Coachman’s, and 3941 North Coachman’s, $900,000.
01/19/2024 Robert A Gagnon to Brent Glass and Jennifer Glass, 3616 North Appell Drive, $375,000.
01/19/2024 David L Robinson and Tara L Robinson to David M Waltz and Susan E Waltz, 4446 Marin Harbor H, $495,000.
01/19/2024 Richard and Marlyn Peiffer to Dean L. Auxter and Melinda L. Auxter, 4291 E Chatham Dr, $865,000.
Middle Bass
01/18/2024 Carl A Hahn to Put-In-Bay Townsip Park District, Lots 303,305,307,309,and 222 Burgundy Bay, $36,000.
Salem Township
01/17/2024 Adam Ballard to Dennis E Lamb II and Jennifer Bell, 8497 West State Route 163, $145,000.
01/17/2024 Willard Royster Jr, Carlotta Stancil, Valerie Thayer, and Jody Allen Royster to Sherry Fox and Jason Fox, 8829 W State Route 163, $167,000.


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