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Spirit of Wood County Awards set to be awarded Nov. 3

The Wood County Commissioners will recognize nine individuals at the annual Spirit of Wood County Awards Sunday, Nov. 3 at 2 p.m. in the Alvin L. Perkins Atrium at the Wood County Courthouse Complex in Bowling Green. The 2019 award recipients include Rossford resident Bradley Gilbert, Self-Government; Middleton Township resident Collette Dickey, Agricultural Leadership; former Bowling Green resident Father Mark Davis, Religion and Liberty; Perrysburg Township residents Reeve Kelsey, Liberty Through Law/Human Freedom, and Julie Danko, Education for Civic Responsibility; Philip Rudolph Sr., Industrial/Economic Development; and Weston Township resident George Stossel, who was selected for the Lyle R. Fletcher Good Citizenship Award.
The Spirit of Wood County Awards, are presented to current and former citizens of Wood County who show outstanding qualities in bettering Wood County as a whole. The County Commissioners have been honoring outstanding citizens since 1987. Nominations are accepted throughout the year.
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