Oregon approves bids for this year’s road improvement program

Kelly J. Kaczala

         Oregon City Council at its last meeting on May 28 accepted bids from contractors to furnish labor, materials and equipment for this year’s Roadway Improvement Program.
        “All of the contractors listed provided the lowest and best bids for the respective projects,” said Public Service Director Paul Roman. “All of the contractors meet the city’s best bid criteria.”
        The city dropped the resurfacing of Brown Road, from Bury Road to the East limits, and from Bury Road to Stadium Road, from its list of road improvements this year so it could stay within the $800,000 budget for the program, said Roman.
        “We decided not to award that project. We’ll likely do that for next year’s program,” he said.
        Roman said most of the roadway improvements this year are for residential roads.
        The bids that were approved totaled $793,057.25.
        City Councilman James Seaman asked City Administrator Mike Beazley to compare this year’s road improvement program expenditures to previous years.
        “Each year is a little different,” said Beazley. “Over a six year period, we’ve had a significant increase in streets investment because we believe it’s one of the best investments we can make,” said Beazley. “For many of those years, we spent an additional $1 million on streets. He noted that the program had been cut back during the Great Recession.
        “This year, our investment is stronger than historically, but we’re trying to catch up with our long term goal of getting ahead of things,” he said. “Like all communities, we’re a little behind. We’ve made a significant investment more than six years in a row where we upgraded our streets. We feel they are in strong shape. We can always do more. There’s a question of responsible balance. Again, we think this is a stronger than historical investment, other than a four year period  where we spent more going back 15 years or so. Other than that, the last six or seven years have been the greatest investment in our streets. So we feel good about where we are. We really focused on our residential streets this year. That’s why we chose residential ahead of Brown Road when we looked at the bids.”
        Among the bids that were approved:
        •Ropper Construction’s bid of $235,807.75 for the reconstruction of Athens Road and Dustin Road. The project limits are Athens Road from Navarre Avenue to Dustin Road, and Dustin Road from Athens Road to the end.           
        •Bowers Asphalt & Paving’s bid of $190,538.50 for resurfacing Ashcroft Drive, from Bayshore Road to the north limits; Blanche Drive, from Bayshore Road to the north limits; Haigh Street, from LaFrance Street to Momany Street; Island View Drive, from LaFrance Street to Momany Street; LaFrance Street, from Bayshore Road to Island View Drive; Momany Street, from Bayshore Road to the north limits; Millard Avenue, from the east approach of Duck Creek Bridge;  and the wastewater treatment plant.
        •Henry W. Bergman’s bid of $110,373 for various pavement repairs and resurfacing, including Brown Road, from Lallendorf Road to Wynn Road; Earlwood Avenue, from Starr Avenue to Olivewood Avenue; Starr Avenue, from the west limits to Earlwood Avenue; Wheeling Street, from Starr Avenue to Seaman Road; Wynn Road, from Brown Road to Pickle Road;  and the Ashland Church driveway.
        •Buckeye Excavating & Construction’s bid of $256,339, for Glenross Boulevard improvements.
        Also at the meeting, council:
        •Renewed its annual contract with Irene Renee Jardy to act as case manager to the Juvenile Diversion “ACHIEVE” Program. Jardy works 20 hours per week. Police Chief Mike Navarre said the program has been successful.  “In our annual report, there is a synopsis of the number of cases she handled in 2018. It’s been a very successful program. It’s been around for a long time. It’s a way to handle a lot of the non-violent, minor misdemeanor  type of offenses of juveniles without sending them down to juvenile court,” said Navarre. “We like to continue it.”
        •Approved an agreement with Superior Uniforms, Toledo, to provide police uniforms and supplies, as required by the collective bargaining agreements entered into between the police unions (OPPA and FOP) and the city. “Superior Uniforms is the only provider of uniforms in this area,” said Navarre.  “Their list of items this year represents an approximate 2 percent increase over last year. It won’t impact our budget at all because officers have a clothing allowance in the bargaining agreement. It’s $750 annually for police officers and command. Dispatch gets $250. We are very happy with Superior Uniforms.”
        •Authorized the mayor, finance director and director of public service to enter into a subdivision agreement with Don J. Baumgartner, Perrysburg, for the construction of Brynhaven Subdivision – Plat 6. Baumgartner has agreed to install infrastructure in accordance to plans, specifications and profiles as approved by Roman and subject to the conditions and terms of the subdivision agreement. In order to properly interconnect neighborhoods for safety and public services, the city and Baumgartner have agreed to a cost share for the construction of improvements on Camelot Drive consisting of grading, paving, curbing, storm sewers, sanitary sewers, and water lines. The cost share will be split in half between the city and Baumgartner, whose maximum share in cost is $30,000. The cost share is subject to Baumgartner developing only two lots on Camelot Drive instead of four lots, with the maximum limit of a single two family unit built on each lot, subject to Planning Commission approval.


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