Orchard Villa celebrates birthday of facility’s MVP

Tammy Walro

          A birthday party was held for a special “golden girl” on Friday, Aug. 25 at Orchard Villa, an Oregon facility which offers a range of skilled nursing and rehabilitation services.

          Frankie, the guest of honor, is a favorite among staff and residents, thanks in part to her dedication, and her soft, golden curls, soulful brown eyes and sweet personality – all great qualities for a therapy dog.

          The beloved Goldendoodle, who turned 12 on her birthday, has been coming to work at Orchard Villa since she was 8 weeks old. She visits the every Friday.

          “I got Frankie at 8 weeks old with the intention of making her a therapy dog,” said Maria Bradford, Orchard Villa’s recreational therapy director. “She loves coming to work with me. I can’t say the word ‘work’ without her getting excited and running around the house. 

          “And, she is very good at her job,” Bradford said. “She has met thousands of residents over the years and it amazes me to see her with people. Residents who visit with Frankie light up when they see her; she connects with them in a way humans can’t at times.

          “She means so much to our residents that they wanted to throw her a birthday party,” she said.

          Orchard Villa Administrator Craig Sunday agrees that Frankie is the facility’s MVP (most valuable pup). 

          “Frankie lifts everyone’s spirits,” he said. Everyone knows her; she’s a beloved part of the community at Orchard Villa.”



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