News Briefs Week of 6/08/20

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Bridge projects OK’d
The Ottawa County commissioners have agreed to fund an engineering study for the proposed replacement of the Wildacre Road Bridge over Cedar Creek.
The county is allocating $18,835 for the study, which will be reviewed by Norfolk Southern. The rail company owns the right-of-way where part of the bridge sits.
Ron Lajti, county engineer, said the project is scheduled to start next year.
The commissioners have also approved a contract with Schalk Brothers, Inc., for the replacement of the Fulkert Road Bridge over Toussaint Creek in the amount of $497,060.

Courts adopting
health procedures
for jury trials

After consulting with the Wood County Health Department, the judges of the county common pleas and municipal courts have formulated procedures for conducting jury trials that they say will protect the public’s health.
Common pleas judges Alan Mayberry, Molly Mack and Matthew Reger and Mark Reddin, of Bowling Green Municipal Court, announced last week the procedures are being put in place with the goal of ensuring the health and safety of everyone participating in court proceedings.
Courtrooms will be arranged in a way to allow people to maintain at least six feet of distance from each other. Also, hand sanitizer will be provided and surfaces will be cleaned regularly. Face masks will be required.
“Jurors called to serve in the Wood County Court of Common Pleas can be confident that all measures have been taken to ensure everyone’s safety during a jury trial,” Judge Reger said. “By working with the health department, courthouse maintenance, courthouse and court complex security, jury commissioner, and following Ohio Supreme Court guidelines, we can respect constitutional protections and protect the health of citizens.”
In addition to consulting with the health department, the judges also adopted recommendations from a state-wide working group of law and health officials.
Judge Reddin said the public can be assured the same precautions will be taken in his courtroom.
Residents of the county who’ve been called for jury duty and have questions should call the common pleas office at 419-354-9620 or the municipal court office at 419-352-5263.

Code Red
Lake Township Police Chief Mark Hummer has announced residents of the township may receive assistance in registering for the Code Red emergency notification system which can provide information on storm warnings and other important community alerts.
"Those who have computers and internet access can register for Code Red themselves by getting onto our township's official website,, and click on the Code Red link," said Hummer. "Those who do not have this access, or those who feel better having our assistance, can contact our community policing officer for help."
Other alerts for those signed up for the service include evacuations, water boil advisories, and local missing children and adults. The alerts are sent by various methods the user can pre-select, including cell phones.
"This is the perfect time of the year to have the Code Red notification system set up as severe weather situations can evolve quickly," Hummer said.
Assistance with the system can be obtained by contacting Ron Craig at 419-481-6354.

Special meeting
The Eastwood school board has scheduled a special meeting for June 8 at 7:30 a.m. at the administrative offices, 120 E. College Ave.
A memorandum of understanding between the board and the Eastwood Education Association is on the agenda.


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